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Thread: in a scary situation when wearing nappies ?

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    Default in a scary situation when wearing nappies ?

    So when i was 14 years old i went to school wearing a huggies pull up as i though it may be some think cool to do but soon found out it was not so great and spent most of the day scared to death by the thought of other kids finding out and that would be a BIG NO! NO!. Have you ever been wearing a nappy/diaper (eg) in a bad place bad timing. And felt very uncomfortable with the situation ?

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    There were times in school I wish I would have had a diaper on. When I got upset I would have potty accidents in my pants. Not fun for a 12 year old to to be teased about something like that.

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    No for shore no one shod be teased about any think but kids can be cruel. I never went to school wearing ever again. big hugs

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    I peed my pants a lot in school and wish I wore diapers, I have mild stress incontinence and if I laugh real hard I end up peeing myself, it's been a while since this happened tho

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    I can remember wetting my pants every so often though most of grade school, was also teased about it

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