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Thread: How did I Become AB/DL ? little leo

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    Default How did I Become AB/DL ? little leo

    Ok how did i become a adult baby/ toddler. I want to keep this short and to the point i'm still new around here and i have been running around making some what babyish posts and replies until last night when i had to stand up and be true to my self. I have not opened up to my self and to you who may be reading this. So how and why did i become AB like a lump in my throat that i just can't swallow. Be for i start i will say that every one has had some kind of hard time in there life's so i don't want this to sound like i'm being self centred and i hope this might be able to help others as well. I never had a relationship with my mum only in the last 5 years i have come to know my true mum. As a kid my mum used me when she did not have a man in her life or my sister was not around. My sister was and still is the golden girl so i was brought up by my dad. In short my dad did the best he could with me but he went through a really bad break up. I was age 7/8 at the time. Coming home from school was a scary time as i never knew what i was going to walk into some time the house would be smashed up and i would have to put it back together. And there ware times i would have to take the beatings as well. I never though for one second that i hated my dad for it i knew i had to carry him though this rough time and so i did for many years missing out on what most 7/8 year old's where doing eg playing and having fun school was my safe place but as being very dyslexia i found that to be a struggle as well. I was very much alone and could not open up to adults i still find it hard to articulate how i'm feeling or what i'm to say to older adults some think i would like to get over. Finding a suicide note from my dad has had a devastating effect on me and my development as a person and almost cost me my life as i went on a self destruct mode that ended up me being put into hospital for 3 days. So being a ADULT BABY/TODDLER is some think i take great comfort from and deep down there is still that scared little boy. May be i'm making up for some lost childhood. I just don't know but i do know this i'm ok now and doing well in my young adult life.Thank you for taking the time to read this as i know its a long one i posted a music video that hit me like a freight train in of topic (a song to say good by) i put it out there to see if any one had the same feeling about the video and could relate to it. It has taken a long! time for me to right this post and has made me think about who i am. For that i would like to say thank you to this community. big hugs little leo
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    thank you for sharing Little Leo, I can see that it must have been difficult for you to write

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    Wow, really sorry to hear that Leo. glad to hear you're doing better though! And seriously, thanks for sharing that bit of information. I understand how hard that can be, and quite frankly admire you for your courage!

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    thank you for your kind words spike and curastory. I would like to take this reply to say that me and my dad are very close now and have a great relationship i just wanted to make that known.I think it was good for me to face some old demons. Again thank you for taking the time. Supper big hugs. little leo

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    It is good that you can share, that is a part of healing. Letting others know lets them understand you more. Little Leo and Big Leo are one in the same that that is nothing to be a shamed of.

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    Old demons can be the shadows in our lives. They live in the dark, hiding, only to make themselves known when we least expect their sudden appearance. When my wife's health collapsed 7 years ago, a lot of mine regurgitated out of my mind wanting some sort of appeasement. I turned to writing, and started my novel. About the same time I found this site, which has helped me purge some of my painful past.

    Having friends on this site to listen, and to exchange old war stories is a help. I suppose it's much like therapy. I wish you well littleleo. Life goes on whether we like it or not, and we have to find ways to survive, hopefully with some grace and happiness.

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    Congratulations Leo. This is the first major step in gaining the understanding of the ABDL and moving towards the acceptance phase. The healing and forgiving and thus the balance and control of the whole paraphilic infantalism will occur.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    Hello littleleo!

    I really do understand where you are coming from.

    I was severely physically, emotionally, & intermittently sexually abused by my own Mother, who for decades was psychotic & totally insane.

    Being a person with Mild Autism & Mild Cerebral Palsy, I "lived in Hell" as a child.

    Being an "Adult Baby" has helped me to heal & keep from "cracking up" myself.

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    Wow thanks for sharing sharing that little leo
    My childhood wasnt much better, in fact we have alot in common. Ive always had trouble with my past and it makes me very upset to think about but if you all can move on from what has happened to you then so can i.

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