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Thread: Do you ever smell your nappy before you wear it?

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    Default Do you ever smell your nappy before you wear it?

    Who smells their nappy before they wear it?

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    Sometimes. I wonder how many smell it after they wear it? That's a better question! Lol!

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    I always smell a package when I open it. Sniffing individual ones, most of the time not. Post-action, NO.

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    yes, so do I and also when I open the package for the first time.

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    I smell the diapers when some prefume in the package.

    One day I bought a scented orange

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    I always do when I spread one open before wearing it, I especially love the scent of Abena M4s

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    My sniffer don't work to well so no I don't. When I take off a wet one I don't try to either.

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    Yes, I do smell the diapers when I first open the plastic package bag. Then I smell the diaper again when I unfold it. I like the smell of new diapers. I don't like the smell of dirty diapers.

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    I smell them after I open the pack and before I put one on.

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