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Thread: Happiness in the morning...

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    Default Happiness in the morning... waking up while being changed, drifting back off, then waking again in a warm wet diaper...

    wouldn't you agree?


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    I would have to say my happiness in the morning is waking up with my daddy checking my nappies, changing me and then passing me my fave stuffed fox plush to get me back off to sleep again, so yeah its bliss hehe

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    My little brother gets that when he sleeps in my bed with me and his good nite leaks in the middle of the night. Idk if he would call it happiness tho, I sure would!

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    For some I am sure that would be the epitome of happiness for a good morning. For me, just waking up in a comfy air conditioned room, with microfiber blankets and being able to roll over and drift back to sleep and not have to worry about getting up or a schedule that day. THAT to me is better!

    Waking up in a diaper is great, but if you have a grueling day ahead of you, it sorta sucks all the fun out of everything is what I'm saying.

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    During the school year, I can only do this on Friday nights/Saturday morning, but it is something I enjoy. During the summer I do it more often depending on my morning schedule. I do like to get out on the bike trail in the summer, so sometimes I don't, but one activity doesn't necessarily preclude the other.

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