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Thread: AB comforts in day to day life ?

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    Default AB comforts in day to day life ?

    Ok so i love my binky when i got started with my 1st! binky it was for regression only. I now find my self wanting it in day to day life. I always have it in my pocket just so i know its there It gives me a sense comfort!. So do you have any AB/DL stuff that you just can't go with out ? big hugs little leo

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    Besides diapers, I too carry my paci in my pocket. Just knowing its there makes me feel secure.

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    Can't sleep with out my Teddy Bear. Diapers and Teddy make this Baby feel secure.

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    arr super cute!. same i cant sleep with out moo! moo! my soft toy! big hugs little leo

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    Nice to know i'm not the only one then. thanks big hugs. little leo

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    I sometimes carry my paci in my pocket, but found a more practical item to keep with me; my wolfy plush keychain. I also wear kiddish clothes quite often, but all in all I just haven't changed since I was physically a kid (except of course getting taller and other such physical changes and learning).

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    hey spike well said. lots of my cloths have cartoons on them i think it's a way of making my self feel little with out really having to thinking about it. big hugs little leo

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    It's definitely my teddy bear littleleo. I often don't go to bed diapered, but I always sleep with Maf-Maf.

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    No actual plushies, but I couldn't sleep without Comfy (a travel pillow I haven't spent a night without in 12 years.)

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    It's my paci too! I always have it with me at work and everywhere cause its just comforting, I also pop it in when know no ones around

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