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    For as long as I can remember I've had a fascination and desire for diapers. A few months ago I stumbled upon the ab/dl community and decided I wanted to eventually give it a try. As such, today I took the long hike across town to purchase a large pack of goodnites after figuring out all of the math and routes and other details. I've gotten all of my hiding places in order, gotten to at least wet while on the toilet, and have destroyed all evidence (save for my 'stash' that this even occurs.

    My question is, however, about whenever you all seem to notice smells coming from your used (wet) diapers. I've had nearly no sense of smell for years, you see, and I can't tell whenever they might be bad or not. I have all of the supplies around that would let me store them for a day or two, allegedly, without a smell, but I'm afraid of relying too much on this due to the fact that I've heard mixed answers.

    For now I can throw them away easily in a public trashcan down the street, though this might get suspicious since my family is all local and someone might happen to see me as I go down the block and throw things away.

    So? When do you all start to sense the smell? And what do you all do to stop it?

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    I throw mine away every night. I go on a nighttime run with a backpack with water and granola bars, so it's easy enough to dispose of them surreptitiously in trash bins in the park/prairie path. If instead of going down the street to dispose of them you fold it into some routine you should be able to dispose and get away with it. If you keep used diapers around the smell gets exponentially worse. I can't give specifics on a timeframe as I just switched to diapers from towels this week, and airflow would make a difference.

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    They make some different little tablet looking things for diaper pails that help for that sorta thing. Just google around "Diaper pail deodorizer" and you should be able to find them, either through Amazon or wherever else. I've heard a cheaper option too is to just put the used ones in individual plastic grocery bags. That's supposed to help a bit too.

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    i double bag mine and stuff them in a rubbermaid tub, wait for the wife to get out of the house for a while (she doesnt let me wet or mess) and then double garbage bag them, i'd say they start to stink 24 hours after being wetted in, course it depends on the brand

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElectroKit View Post
    I've heard a cheaper option too is to just put the used ones in individual plastic grocery bags. That's supposed to help a bit too.
    This does work up to a point but many grocery bags have holes in them so they aren't as good. I double bag mine using a small generic plastic rubbish bag I buy at the local supermarket.

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