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Thread: An outsider looking in.

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    Default An outsider looking in.

    Three and a half years ago, I never figured I'd find myself subscribing to a website all about AB and DL support, but my friend Stirlock has brought me a long way in understanding alternate lifestyles.

    He told me about a week after we met that he was a DL and the only thing I could think was "Oh gosh. This guy was almost perfect... what a huge flaw!" But wearing diapers isn't a flaw, it's a preference. Since I have personal preferences of my own concerning BDSM... I figured it would be silly to ask people to accept mine, if I didn't first accept theirs.

    Hopefully I'll have something to contribute here, but for the most part... I want to get to know more people and learn about how normal this all is.

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    Hey bob bob. Welcom, even though I'm about as new as you. I'm just glad I could find someone like you to share it all with, I didn't think I would. *hugs.*

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    First off welcome to our community I hope you enjoy it here.

    I am also glad that people are being refered to this site and that the knowledge of infantilism is spreading.

    You said infantilism is a preference, well I can assure you it is not, if you mean preference like I think you mean it. It is not something we choose to do, for most of us it is something we must do. You will come to learn that if you stay here long enough.

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    whoo another Texan :]

    anyways welcome and yes Eclipse is right i cant say it any other way than he did himself. So welcome and hope to see you posting around for a while

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    "normal" no one is normal.. Religeon is a lie, etc, etc.. *bables on about more random things that don't make sence to anyone but his self*

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    It's interesting to see people come into a reality they thought didn't exist and attempt to embrace it. It's courageous people like you who make this world bearable.

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    Welcome to ADISC! n.n
    Even though you may not be an infantilist, this is still a great community and there are lots of awesome people here! Hope you have a great time and make a lot of new friends! Maybe go on the IRC channel sometime? n.n;

    It might be a little much to say it's something that we "must" do, it's just the best way for us to relax and get rid of the day's stresses.

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    Welcome to you both. As for normal, that would be a definition you have to find yourself...though as communities go we're considerably more level headed and mature, or at least like to think so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neonite View Post
    It might be a little much to say it's something that we "must" do, it's just the best way for us to relax and get rid of the day's stresses.
    Eh...maybe to an extent. What I should have said is "most of us here must do it if we want to be able to function to our full capacity. So it can clear our minds for the next day, or settle us down enough to do homework, or laundry, or cleaning, or relax us mentally and physically from the fight you just had with a friend all other daily stresses. It is that way for me, and many others I have talked to."

    It might not apply to you neonite but it applies to me and others.

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