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Thread: Maturity

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    The Ability to not jump to conclusions and that foul language is not really foul at all and that it's just words and it's okay until you start using them as insults. Also you understand sarcasm. <_>

    Sarcasm is great and more people should use it. Everyone loves House and Hawkeye and they have always been sarcastic. When I am sarcastic it's bad form. <_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Not you...And I'm not being mean...I mean that in all honesty
    Not you too. :P Also thank you for the complement.
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    There are a bunch of different kinds of maturity.

    Being able to solve problems and work things out in an adult manner, and then there's the kind where people do "mature" things: go to work, come home, make dinner, sleep, do it all over again. Taking no time for yourself, not doing anything for yourself, not doing something on a whim.

    Maturity to me?
    No fun.

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    When I was a kid I was more mature than I am now. Hehe It's kinda backwards for me.

    Anyways Maturity to me is someone who does not judge others, more kind, Have good moral, A leader. A person with a caring heart and is very wise (knows from right and wrong). Well that's what I think maturity is.

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    Maturity is knowing how to conduct yourself that is appropriate for that specific situation. A child playing tag on a Saturday night, while going "Neener neener!" to their friend can very well be mature. For all we know, the night before they were at a dinner with their parents, and they had the decency to act properly, hold an intelligent conversation, as well as use their manners.

    Maturity isn't being a prude all the time. It's being a prude when the time calls.

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    It's about being able to accurately observe a situation, any given circumstance or issue, and respond in an appropriate manner such that it conveys you as a moral person, as well as someone of distinction and tact. It's about making adult decisions having run through options based on logic, common sense and life experience and providing an outcome that reflects the level of seriousness and civility about an issue, circumstance or conversational remark, mirroring that of a give-and-take society in which communal opinions are the standard by which we have to live our lives. It's the ability to distinguish right and wrong as set by these societal standard, it's the embodiment of decades of experience and knowledge, leading us to wisdom and self-actualisation, it's having empathy for everything that encompasses life whilst being able to control your emotions if needed, it's being capable of objectivity yet still having the passion for a particular view or ideal, and it's possessing the skill of openly and clearly expressing oneself yet holding one's tongue when required. It's knowing you're living life to the greatest extent that you can possibly manage whilst still having dreams to keep you motivated and striving for a continually improved life, but more importantly having the imagination and wit to keep you down-to-earth and just an all-round genuine, friendly, open and understanding person.

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    It's about achieving more and more practical wisdom, and being able to both assess correctly what action should be taken in a given circumstance, and want to perform that action.

    A big sign of immaturity is selfishness, that's one characteristic of children that we usually think of when people say they're immature. Unwillingness to share or be fair or do what's right. Or only doing the right thing because they have to, they fear the consequences etc.

    Being mature is feeling the right way about doing the right thing. It's about respect; respect for the people around you, respect for yourself.

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