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    Hi I am getting my first nappies - diapers in a few weeks and don't knowhow to start once I have opened them out the packaging do I change in bathroom or bedroom do I do it on my own or get someone to change me can I weare them during the day or during the night when im in bed

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    I wet the bed, before bed I have to lay down and mom puts my diaper on with pins. Then I put my plastic panties on. That way my bed keeps dry.

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    Laying down is the best way. If you have someone who can diaper you that is great. As for when to wear that is up to you.

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    if you can get some one to help!. if not then lay down you can get a better fit that way if you cant lay eg if you in a small place then put the back of the nappy against your bottom and lien against the wall and pull the front of the nappy up be twin your legs ,hope that helps. big hugs little leo

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    There is a nice little article on here that helped me get a nice fit.

    I just started wearing real diapers instead of makeshift ones a few days ago. I've worn them around the family a couple of times and no one noticed, but I picked my Certainties after reading a review here that they were quiet. I would not have had the courage to wear plastic backed or thick ones around other people. I don't think anyone would notice thinner cloth backed diapers, but I'm still taking it slow for my nerves (which defeats the point of diapers for me, as well as drawing extra attention,) and would recommend the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krallen View Post
    Laying down is the best way.
    I would say standing up is better for several reasons. First off, you can't lay down to change when away from home in most cases. (lay down on a public restroom floor?) Second, I get a better fit when standing then when laying down. Having to lean a little forward to see what I'm doing flexes my stomach muscles and changes my waist shape a little, and I usually find my diaper loosens up a bit when I lay my head back down and relax. This doesn't happen when I'm standing.

    Of course if someone else is changing you, neither of those points matter and laying down will be more convenient for your caregiver. But for changing yourself, I think standing is the best way to go.

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    With cloth diapers you almost have to lay down. You can put disposables on standing up, and pullups are easy to change except you have to take your jeans all the way off. That's why a lot of preschools or daycares want kids potty trained or in regular diapers, no pullups.

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    Just experiement and see what seems right. You'll know when it all comes together and feels good!

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    Laying down to have someone change you is the best way, but you would have to stand or sit up and change yourself.

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