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    As I stated in the title I had a dream everyone was an furry of some species. Which makes me think if everyone was diffrent somehow would there still be racism? Someone's thoughts. I think there would be none. There would be nothing to pinpoint something diffrent right?

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    I think it would be worse if everyone was a furry.
    Think about cats versus dogs for instance ? Foxes would be (insert like here)what Foxes are. Wolves would think that they were superior. Lions would want to be the king of the jungle, while Tigers would want to just sit and be pretty. Never mind the dragons and the scalies. There would be fighting and fur flying everywhere. Just think about the prey species ? like rabbits and sheep, who would be wanting them as their prey ???
    Lovely idea though. I sometimes dream that I am a real Tiger, it`s fantastic when I do but I am often running away from humans.

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    Considering the only race we have that's really at work is the human race, I think having different intelligent species would have to deal with at least as much prejudice as we have now and likely much more. I just recently read Blacksad: Arctic Nation, which deals with racist themes in a "furry" world (more info here: Pulp Corner: Blacksad | "The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks"). While I enjoyed the story, color in that context didn't really work for me. I'd think it would more likely be predator/prey prejudices or based on area of origin than something so simple as color. Differences are always going to be easy to find.

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    There is a basic rule in both markets and in nature. Species who are similar attempt to occupy the same ecological space, a niche, and thus come into competition with one another. The one who is better adapted will win out and secure that spot in nature's hierarchy. With that in mind, assuming multiple species were to spring up, whether anthro foxes, dogs, bunnies, dragons, etc. they could not coexist as they, all being of presumably the same degree of intelligence and temperament, would seek to occupy the same niche in the ecosystem. Their specific niche being the seat which humans fill in the real world, the intelligent masters and stewards, who attempt to conquer the environment and make nature adapt to them.

    However, it is true that the species which all of these anthro beings are based off of do not occupy the same niches in the eco system. Bunnies eat carrots and lettuce, and foxes eat bunnies. So clearly these two species are in no way related and both rest on different parts of the food chain. But give them both intelligence and opposable thumbs and the game changes.Anthro bunnies and foxes presumably fill the roll of humans, and this means that they both will compete for the same things humans want, like oil and land, and seek to fill the same niche. In addition,they will both seek to meet the needs of their individual species. Bunnies will want land to grow their carrot plantations, and foxes will want game reserves, or perhaps animal farms.

    It is however unlikely that foxes will eat bunnies, as they both possess equivalent intelligence. This is not to say that they wouldn't want to, but that it would be difficult to. Both have the same weapon, it is not sensitive hearing, or sharp claws that give either an edge, but a keen mind and hands that make tools. As both have this, being intelligent masters of their environment, both may create weapons and devise tactics on a sophisticated level. Thus a bunny soldier is presumably equal to a fox soldier, as neither can stand up to a bullet.

    As we now see, each species seeks to fill the same spot in the hierarchy. They are not competing for food, as one is a herbivore and one is a carnivore, yet they compete for everything else (everything else being defined as anything and everything humans quibble over. They are both presumed to have been given the same adaptation, intelligence, which renders them equals. They would struggle and compete for a few generations until one ultimately out breeds the other. When two species want the same thing, and both have equally suitable adaptations, the one who can more quickly overtake the other wins. (So I give the edge to the bunnies)

    In the primitive years, competition between the two species would be minimal. Tribes of bunnies would likely be gatherers, and tribes of foxes would likely be hunters. As both populations are small, and at this point not advanced enough to want anything but food, they still remain somewhat out of competition with each other. It is as they progress that they begin to have run-ins with each other. As each begins to develop a form of agriculture, both require land to raise their necessary crops and animals. Both will settle down and form little villages, and eventually cities. Unless they remain in completely different areas, they will eventually collide.

    In highlander terms, there can only be one

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    I didnt think from that point

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    In a torn world like ours, some people will always think they are superior to others for varying reasons. In a world where there's only furries, there would be rivalry just as there would be in our world, or in a place where there are both humans and furries. The difference between animal species are easier to notice than human races, so it might be inevitable that racism is present among furries.

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