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Thread: $1 Rock concert last night

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    Default $1 Rock concert last night

    Yep, you read that right, ONE DOLLAR.

    Went to our local county fair last night, it was dollar night. Entrance was just one dollar, all rides were one dollar. Not to mention the free concert that was provided: Hinder.

    For those of you who have heard Hinder before, they did a few new songs together with the older ones that have done so well.

    Up All Night
    All American Nightmare
    Whatcha Gonna Do
    Get Stoned
    Ladies Come First
    Use Me
    ...and more.

    Hour and fifteen minutes of good live rock music, all for a buck. Such a deal.

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    Never heard of the band but that's a low enough price to give them or almost anyone a listen. Sort of like the concert version of the bargain bin at the record store. Sometimes you find good stuff priced low. Sounds like it was a fun time

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    I love the idea of a $1 concert, but I would never go see Hinder, even if the show was free. They aren't my cup of tea, mostly due to the fact that I read some of their interviews when they released that album with "Lips of an angel" on it... they don't seem like people I would enjoy seeing in concert, I'll just put it that way.

    The concept of a free/$1 concert is awesome though! I wish they would do some shows like that where I'm from, but I'm assuming there was a fairly large crowd at the show?


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    I remember them, when I started at my job, all the ladies from age 20 to 50 wanted to get in their pants and have hairy love babies with them. I couldn't actually remember the tune to the song Lips of an Angel, but now that I've looked it up, it's right back stuck in there. I'm sure by the song titles, they're not all cheeseball, though they do seem a bit of a Nickelback clone.

    The cheap concert sounds good to me - I'd go if it were free, and outdoors, and there wasn't some sort of drink minimum or whatnot.

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