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Thread: having my 1st ever NAPPY change

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    Default having my 1st ever NAPPY change

    so i had my 1st bum change as a AB/DL i spent a lot of time in my teens thinking how great it would be to have some one change my bottom and take care of me i would dream of the day that it may come true so about a year ago i went looking for a mummy/nanny i found a nursery not to far away from where i am now i have only been 2 times and now its gon as they moved away but the 1st time i went i was very shy and very nervous, but! this was what i had been looking for. so when it come to having my 1st bum change i though i would be scared but i was not it was like a flood of emotion and a feeling of care and love i was there in a place i had longed to be for all those years it was amazing and i spend most night thinking about it. little leo

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    I've recently just had my nappies changed by someone else to and completely understand the emotions, the bond, the helplessness of being the little baby on the changing table, I've never gone back always love having someone else change me.

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    hey there little one, yes you right it was a feeling of comfort and feeling safe like a big! hug it was nice. any way have fun, big hugs little leo

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    you know i loved it at nanny maxine's shame she has moved as i wanted to go next week. any one know where else we can go?

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    hi diverj hmm not shore i have been looking as well let you know if i come up with any think .little leo

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    There are still several nurserys about but they are normally by invite only or if you know the people running them.

    The more mainsteam ones (Ones that advertise) tend to be more in it for the money and one (In London) is just insanely expensive (Asking for 60 an hour).

    On topic I will admit that my first nappy change from another ABDL was a personality changing experance, but also something I do want to keep to myself.

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    hm to much money and your right about some being in it just for the money and not for the love of it i would love to find a mummy or a daddy and have big hugs that would be nice

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    I went to baby juniors nursery he an abdl who offers his nursery to meet other babies and to baby them, he changed my messy nappies and babied me just for the friendship witch is what pay for use nurseries don't do can't wait to go back

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    Hello, I'm so glad that you found someone to help you achieve your dreams. May enjoy many more happy diaper changes love mommy

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    arr thanks i did but now mummy has go'n away but i have had some happy times be for she left me

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