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Thread: finding love when you are a AB/DL

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    Default finding love when you are a AB/DL

    well i like to start by saying that i cant pm people yet as it will not let me so if you pm me im not being rude i just cant get back to you when will it let me pm people ? ok so finding love i will say i am not shore on my sexual ways let me put it in this way now im giving a lot away hare im not so much experience in the loving area but i am looking for some one to share good times with but i find it hard as my AB/DL is a big part of my life where do you start to try and find some one that will understand the feeling i have how do you tell some one ho by the way i love nappies and i have a onesie that i ware at night its just some think that is not on the cards for some one that dus not understand i dont want to have a GF or BF that will feel that it is all abut ABDL tho is a big part of my life but to find some one that is understanding about it would be nice see for me i feel being with some one is a tow way thing and to love and share great times together may be i live in a world of my own and thats not going to be the way i just dont know. im reddy for love in my life now but how to find it or will it find me .thanks for taking the time i hope you have found it a good post was not shore if i shod put so much about my self out there but i feel i have found a home hear regards little LEO
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    You just have to keep on trying. Generally if somebody is REALLY serious about you, they'd love you no matter what. My rule has always been that I try something for someone at least once unless it's so gross it makes me physically ill. ABDL seems to be a lot more accepted than people think. I lucked out and found a man who deeply cares about me, so I didn't even feel nervous about bringing it up. Hint: We met each other on 4chan in a kink thread (not a diaper thread but still). That got the ball rolling and we just came out with everything before deciding to make it official. That really helped. We're now going on 1 year and 9 months, happily moved in together, and living the kinky life. Cheers and good luck.

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    arr thats really nice your very lucky im shore there is some one out there for me thanks for the reply my friend .little leo

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