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Thread: OMG baby powder

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    Default OMG baby powder

    wow i just try,d baby powder for the 1st time i was in the shop and saw the baby stuff like nappies eg and saw some baby powder i have never use it b 4 so i though i will give it a go well got home got a nice fresh nappy out of and put a fare bit of baby powder all over the ill super soft adult nappy they are super soft and nice and thick any way put the nappy on and was amazed by how it feel't with the baby powder made my nappy more softer and the smell was lovely will not go back now im hook't on baby powder but there is one small thing i have with it when i pee pee i do feel more wet then i would with out the powder may im just putting to much on but i love it all these years i have been in nappies and only now i have found it

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    Just FYI...

    Buy the corn starch baby powder...not talc...

    More and more research is showing talc...even asbestos linked to cancer...

    I myself have switched to the corn starch variety...

    Google it, you'll find many links...

    And remember at one time smoking was considered healthy...

    I for one am not going to take a chance..


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    Hello, whenever my diapered my darling babies, I would shake a little bit of powder into my hand then apply it to their bodies all over. I enjoy doing this at every diaper change or when I give them a nice soothing bath usually at night.

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    Yup! Baby powder is nice! I use Johnson's Pure Cornstarch Baby Powder. It is great and feels smooth too.

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    arr that sounds very nice i love bath times i have lots of bubbles in my bath but dont like it when it go,s in my eyes tho

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    yep same as the saying go,s as smooth as a baby,s bum

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    I personally love the smell and feel of baby powder, but I don't actually use it very often. Just make sure you try not to use too much, because it sure feels weird when you do and then you wet >.>

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    yep i know what you are saying if i put to much on and the nappy feels wet be for its full but its the smell of it that gets me. big hugs little leo

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    I use it even when I am not diapered, especially in summer. I'm a chubby kid and chafing is sometimes an issue! Nothing like pure cornstarch to solve that problem. Chub rub can get painful!

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