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    How much alcohol do you drink in a typical night out or party, or general drinking session? Is that normal do you think (or do you think that you drink more/less than most people)? If not what is normal?
    I'm not asking about that one time where you woke up in Mexico, just the typical session.

    I ask because I get the feeling that different countries drink differently.

    Do you drink to get properly drunk, or just a bit tipsy?


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    i drink quite a lot. when i was in states last year did seem that me and my 3 english friends could drink quite a bit more. but also the beer was alot different! loads more fizzy and not as alchoholic. also 3 months i spent in greece seemed the brits drank more than other nations!

    Also i started drinking regularly at like 16 so i dnt consider it strange to have a few beers.

    dam it perhaps brits are alki's

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    I didn't drink untill I was 26, but I made up for it later on, I would drink untill I ran out of money, and I tried takeing less money with me, but other people would start buying drinks for me.

    I would say on an average night between 10 pm and closeing 2am, that was my time out, I woud have 10 or more 12oz beers, and if it was a weekend at least 5 more, I mostly stayed away from liquior, but did have a shot or 3 of Irish Mist on the rocks on special occasions, like christmas, st pattys day( Irish town).

    I was a fast drinker, I would get to the bar later than most people, and I would catch up in a hurry, but I quit haven't had a drink in about 4 years.

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    When I go to a friends and spend the night, we will just pass the time by playing videogames with a beer or two.

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    A typical evening at the bar is six drinks over about six hours. Often I'll do a shot when I get there to get a buzz going then nurse my drinks for an hour to keep me at the leval I like. A lot of my friends laugh at my disiplined approach but I'm still having fun out in the bar while they are huddled around the toilet wretching their guts out.

    At home almost every night I have two glasses of wine with dinner and sometimes a third later.

    I drink to relax and loosen up. I always regret it when I go on a bender barfing my brains out etc.. Besides bus fare from Mexico is getting so expensive.


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    One or two beers, or a beer and a mixed drink. That's typically about it. It doesn't do much for me, though it's fun to hang with friends at the bar.

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    At a party i would say about 5 or 6 beers is good for me, thats to the point were everything is funny and all that good stuff but not so that i feel it in the morning. I hate hangovers with a passion.

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    This is coming from some one underage so don't base a whole lot on it.

    When i'm by myself or with friends we drink to get drunk or quite a bit past drunk. Not being able to drink, when you have the chance you get loaded.

    I usually just drink vodka around a quarter to half a fifth.(mixed with something)

    Havent really done much with harder liquors.

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    I didn't drink (more than a little tipsy) until I was around 20 or so (legal age here is 18). On average I'll drink past to the tipsy point and that's it. I have at times gone way overboard (memories come floating back a day or so later...) but those days are behind me . It's just not fun.

    For some reason when I'm drunk I enjoy burrowing somewhere weird to sleep (like behind a friend's couch ).
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