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Thread: Fathers Day 2013

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    Default Fathers Day 2013

    So I'm curious to know if some people are willing to share what they are doing for Fathers Day this year. I myself hope to spend some time with my Step-Dad since I can't make it to church today. So hopefully more are willing to share what they may be doing this year.


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    In a nutshell, I'm planning to enjoy dinner with father before I have to run off to work. Wish I could spend some time with him just working on our train sets...curse of the both of us working full time.

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    I wished many friends and co-workers a happy Fathers Day and many returned the sentiment, (though not truly a father I raised my Ex's son from 9 months to 8 years). Layer I called my 84 year old father who with my mother was camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We had nice but short chat, mostly with my mother, as we both had other things to do. Now we are older I get along with my parents but truth be told they weren't very good parents, either one of them.

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    Went to church with my dad and then had brunch with him while we watched a baseball game. Got presents from my wife and son and then we went to my wife's father's celebration. Tired now!

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    Conversely, my kids called me, except for the oldest who lives about a mile away. He showed up bearing present, along with the two grandchildren. It was nice seeing them, and talking to the two others.

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    Unfortunately my father pasted away when I was 17.

    My kids (5 & 7) woke me up this morning to toast with wild blackberry jam and two Greek yogurt for breakfast in bed. My wife worked night shift and they did all of this about 20 minutes before she came home with bakery fresh donuts. I played some games with the kids and fired air rockets with them for a little while. I unfortunately had to do some yard work, but the kidlets actually helped me today so we got a lot more done. We did a little woodworking and listen to the new local baseball teams third game. While all of this was going on I was SLOW cooking 6 half racks of pork ribs and we Pigged out on home made baked beans and KC style sticky rubbed ribs and fresh corn on the cob. All of the recipe and bragging about the three day process for the meal can be seen on the "Foodies" group site.

    My step son and mother-in-law came by to bring gifts and chow down on some of the best ribs I have made yet.

    Anyway this is the best fathers day I have ever had.

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    I went fishing. Alone. I know my dad, but he hasn't been a father since he left when i was a baby.

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    My dad lives quite a long way from me at the moment, so I just had a decent length conversation with him on the phone. You can spend a fortune on going places and doing things but a chat and a laugh can be priceless.

    I also sent my 'daddy' a fathers day card!

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    I didn't do anything only because my dad left for a business trip thing and I had to work but we did our own thing the day previous, so I think that was ok, but Happy belated Fathers day for the fathers on this site.

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    I didn't even get to see my dad on fathers day. Called him up though and got to talk for a bit as he lives an hour and a half away.

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