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Thread: FYI/TMI on ED

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    Default FYI/TMI on ED

    OK so this maybe a little into TMI, but for anyone considering this stuff for ED here is a heads up.

    (Sorry if I offend anyone. If it might be you, Stop reading now or proceed at you own risk!!!)

    Viagra or the generic version Lavetra is for ED.

    First, you have to figure out how to pay for this. $130 for 8 pills and this is with insurance, up to $225 else were without insurance.
    Second, the doctor will recommend a dosage, but you have to titrated it to find out exactly what will work. So you start at a 1/4 tablet and work up.
    Third, now you have to find out if or when it will work.
    Fourth, The side effects they DO NOT TELL YOU ABOUT.

    So we do the first dose nothing.
    3 hours later I try another dose. Not impressed. Fatigue wins out yet again.
    6 hours later I wake up hurting. S.O. is not impressed and waking her up with this problem has never been a good idea anyway.
    FOR FOUR DAYS I find out that it does help ED?!?!?!?!? However this stuff is nothing but PUBERTY IN A PILL.

    The second attempt is 1/2 a pill and the effect is ya OK in two hours but the 4 day thing goes on again.

    So I am not sure if it is even worth it.
    OH YA to clarify yes it is up off and on for 4 days but the ED problems of longevity still there.

    Oh and on another note. Overdose: vision problems and excessive hair growth. (yes mom)
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    I am on Cialis, 2.5 mg prn. Really helps if I don't take it all the time. Would love a pm ifyer up for it!

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