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Thread: When IC and your job seem to be on a collision course, what do you do?

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    Thumbs down When IC and your job seem to be on a collision course, what do you do?

    I think I might be headed for a bit of a stormy ride with work. I'm self employed in the building trades and am urge IC. It's not uncommon to be working 8-10 hours a day without washroom facilities and as such I usually go through a couple of diaper changes in a day. Just this week I changed from goodnites which were discreet to Tenas, which are bulkier but work a lot better. I thought that they were still discreet but yesterday some nosy neighborhood resident starts blabbing to me, "that 'hypothetically' if I were to wear a diaper while working around that site would I really think it would go unnoticed, and if I were to do that do I honestly believe that I'd still have a job to come back to?" I tried confronting the issue asking what he meant without giving away the fact that I have IC but he just kept changing the topic. This is either an incredible coincidence and he's unknowingly being a jerk to those of us with IC, (or maybe he was referring to the ABDL crowd, I don't know) or he figured out that I'm wearing and is being an even greater jerk. Now this guy is just a spectator in the sense that he is not in any position of authority, he does however talk to the people who hired me, including the general contractor for this site whom I get a fair amount of work from. I can usually find a discreet place to change, but maybe the backpack is giving it away, although its not like I carry it around everywhere I go, I just treat it like my lunch bag. Nobody else has ever said anything before. What do I do now, I don't know what this guy does or doesn't know, who he has told or will tell, what spin he will put on it and how it will affect one of my larger working connections. At the same time I really don't want to preemptively go public with my IC. Arrrgghh!

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    This guy has problem not you. You wear for need if he can't handle that then he needs to learn a lot.

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    Yes I agree with krallen - you are IC so need to wear protection - you would get a lot more stick and issues if you worked with wet jeans or started to smell funny - so stick with it - I know builders can be sods and if they spot a chink in your armour so to speak will expolit it - but its a fact of life that there are those who need protection and they will soon get over it and find someone else to talk about - anyway - as of yet no=one of importance has even mentioned it :-)

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    If he's just a bystander I would have a talk with the GC and have him removed from the jobsite. He shouldn't be in there harassing the people who are there working.

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    I agree, he shouldn't be out there, but it's a hard thing to police on a reno job like this and I'd just prefer to keep the whole thing under wraps. Thanks for the support on the issue.

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    Sorry that this person thinks there is something wrong with wearing a diaper on a job site. They need to get a live and leave you alone. There isn't anything wrong with wearing diapers while working and there isn't anything legally that can be done to you because you are wearing diapers. I wear diapers every day to work and every where I have to go because I am incontinent too. Our diapers are out underwear and if someone doesn't like our underwear that is their problem. Just blow this person off and don't let it get under your skin. Hang in there.

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    More important is the Disabilities Act which should protect you from being fired, or even, given a bad time. You would be able to sue them should they give you any sort of problem. It falls into the same venue as sexual harassment. No one should be allowed to discuss it, especially negatively. You might want to look it up on the internet and get your legal ducks in order. Speaking with the correct lingo will put others on notice.

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    Checkingoutall, you make a great point, it's not really that different than underwear and who gives a hoot what type of underwear people wear.

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    Thanks Dogboy, that's something I will look into. I hadn't given it much thought, but knowing my rights might help turn the IC issue into a non-issue should it come to that.

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    Question is dose this guy work in the same area. Works the same hours. He might have the same issue as you. Works 8 to 10 Hours a day with out a bathroom break. Thinking of using diapers help? Or could the smell of pee gives it away?

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