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Thread: camping and diapers

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    Default camping and diapers

    next weekend I will be going camping with others. I have my own tent it is a two person job. i am looking at sleeping. I NEED diapers at night both (mainly) comfort and some times I do wet. the bed. but since my tent is a two person and some one else might need shelter that night so do i risk a wet night (and sleepless) so i can i ,might be able help out a friend. should I just suck it up and wear and risk getting caught, or the undesirable i brought my tent and be selfish. I really don't what to be the jerk. how would you handle this situation?

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    Is it possible to change in your sleeping bag? Have an empty plastic bag somewhere close by so that in the morning, you can change out of your diaper and put it in the plastic bag, all before you emerge from your sleeping bag in the morning.

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    What I would do, my number 2 choice . if it's your only option to share the tent would use them casually. After all there are a lot of people that wear diapers to bed because of that . Other then that my natural reaction would to be open and say that "I have room in my tent if you are looking for a place to sleep" I would only do so if they asked me that question , in me having enough space . So that way your not putting yourself out there, in seeming to willing to share the tent.

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    babyboy, I'm IC - and have done this a few times in my life:

    get GOOD pull-ups or PADS (I usually did this with the higher absorbency pads) and some pull-up plastic (I Prefer PU) pants (I personally dislike plastic pants, but hell, if it saves the "night" ).
    Put everything (PAD & Plastic Pull-up ready-assembled in your sleeping bag...) and it's easy.
    or if the place (I guess) has a toilet... put the plastic pant and pad / pull-up in a plastic bag (no-see-through) in your grab-bag... go to the toilet before you go to sleep (as most people do), change, and go back...
    if you can't handle walking around with the pad/pull-up on ... just put the plastic pant on and slip the PAD inside once you're in your sleeping bag.
    I'd wear some "tight" briefs over the plastic pants - this will help to keep everything in place.

    it's simple... diapers are "difficult" to change in a sleeping bag... make noise (tapes), are difficult to QUICKLY remove if you have to, etc...
    Pads (if you get a high absorbency one), combined with pull-up plastic pants and tight briefs over the whole thing are about as secure as any diaper will be.
    Might not handle willful flooding after a dozen beers, but for the "normal" bedwetting and IC issues? more than ample protection.

    Again: I've done this hundreds of times, for both camping, school and later for business travels in the rare shared hotel room occasion (rare)...

    Personally, honestly, over the years I've become more and more fond of the pad / fixing-briefs (special briefs designed to be worn over a pad and hold it firmly in place) and maybe augmented with a pu-pant in situations where it could be problematic to quickly change....
    it's a LOT more convenient than regular tape on diapers.
    The Tena Flex "diapers" are a good thing too.

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    I rarely undo the tapes, but rather just pull the diaper down, like a pull-down :p
    It easy to put on a diaper while laying without making a sound and same when taking it off
    Tena flex is harder to get on laying and it's not safe, imo

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    Step 1. Wear diapers
    Step 2. Enjoy camping trip

    They are just diapers... Theyare a medical device like a wheelchair or glasses. Don't be selfish because you afraid someone will find out that you wear diapers.

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    you'll be in a sleeping bag so no notice that way. Many larger tents have a divider you can put up between the two sides if you want a bit of privacy. And it's been my experience the others in a tent don't stare at you until you go to sleep. A lot of them will roll over and face the other way etc. And it's dark. So you could probably get up and step outside the tent without being seen. Change outside. Depends on if you're out in the woods, or in a camping park by other tents. Might get more privacy outside. Others may have to get up during the night to take a pee outside anyway, so this isn't unusual or unexpected.

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    Pull up are ok if its occasional wetting I guess -however I would say you need some sort of plastic or other covering though - mainly as you are a male - if you sleep on your side any IC protection will leak n matter how good or absorbant it is - a fact of the male anatomy and angle of the pee i find ( or maybe its just me >>???)
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    Quote Originally Posted by furehpup View Post
    Pull up are ok if its occasional wetting - I would say you need some sort of plastic or other covering though - mainly as you are a male - if you sleep on your side any IC protection will leak n matter how good or absorbant it is - a fact of the male anatomy and angle of the pee i find ( or maybe its just me >>???)
    Pull ups is not good to wear for a night time diaper.

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    I am currently camping, grilling, lotsa beer, diapers....hey if you need them cause of an occasional wet bed, wear friends know I'm inco (bowel- crohns you suck), but Ive grown to enjoy them....i live by honesty, if they are your friends, they will understand.

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