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Thread: Does Anyone "Own" Their Land?

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    Default Does Anyone "Own" Their Land?

    Just been pondering over a statement made by a local indian tribe, but does anyone 'own' their land whether it be by monetary or government or what have you?
    seas have swollowed up houses built on the cliffs of southern california, sinkholes taking up large chunks of land, etc.
    after a few hundred years and a few 'great' wars, does anyone 'own' the land that they're on or are we all just renting for the time being?

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    Apparently, there are two little pieces of desert in New Mexico somewhere that my dad owns, and my sister and I are inheriting. o.o;

    But that's all the land we "own," really.

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    My family owns a bunch of land around the world. Some have built businesses up on them, some just have vacationing houses.

    All that my parents really own is this house and the half an acre of land it sits on.

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    Ha I wish. But on the second though, my grandpa on my moms side owns a lot of land up in Michigan. We aren't that close with him though.

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    Yes I own my own land just under an acre with a brick ranch on it, and I do own it.

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    I'd say that they do. Own it here means they have the right to do whatever they want to it, right? Well, that is indeed the case. In the grand scheme of things it might not be owned that long, the ownership might change or eventually the land itself might, but I would say that it can be owned. If it is being rented, as you say, then who does own it? There has to be someone it is rented from...

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    Point well missed guys!

    Title I hold for "my" little half acre in the swamp allows me certian leagal rights that vary from place to place. In some countrys your land comes to a tiny point at the center of the earth. In most your rights don't go very deep. Years ago my land was stolen from the Native Americans who respected it and had no concept it could be owned as property. They paid for that view with their lives. In a great many years when we are all dust the ocean will reclaim this land and wipe away the scars we've made on it. Of course billions of years later the sun will swell up and absorb the earth. The Milkey Way is on a collision course with Andromedia and there is a lot of guesses what the final distribution of our matter will be. One must rember every bit of one's self and everything else came out of some other destroyed star and might have had some interesting past. Unless that is too much for your mind, then it was all done in six days.


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    Nope...I rent

    But seriously we really own anything? If our property is involved (or suspected to be involved) in a crime, it is no longer ours(it's evidence)...even if we aren't the accused. Computers are a good example. What if an item you own becomes outlawed and confiscated... sorry buddy, it's not yours anymore. The idea of owning something only goes as high as the body that governs you. I'm not saying I have a problem with this, but we don't really own anything if you think about it on such a level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I would if you lousy Americans didn't push my ancestors away
    if you feal that you would own the land, then you don't share the native beliefs.

    last time i heard (i'm sure the percentage has changed) only 1% of Americans own their house. the bank owns everybody elses house. my dad bought did something really cool that allowed him to be one of thoes 1%. he bought a plot of land in a small neiberhood and built a pritty big house on it. he did a lot of the work himself, and his friends/family helped him do almost everything else. he had to hier very few people. by doing this, he was able to aford the house 100%. and, sence the house was bigger than everyone elses, the neiborhood value went up and more really nice houses were made. the house is currently doubled in value.

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