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    So this last year I havent been able to wear at all, not even once, because I lived in basically a dorm room with a roomate and it just was not an option. This summer we moved out and got 4 bedroom house with 2 other roomates but I am the only one that is living here for the summer so I thought FINALLY I can buy some diapers and what not..

    Long story short I ended up ordering some abri-forms and had been so excited for them to arrive I was literally looking out of the blinds waiting haha but when they got here I wanted to just bang my head against the wall.. Instead of ordering small I accidently ordered xtra small which do not fit me at all. dumb of course I would do something like that haha

    sorry for the rant just needed to vent somewhere. on the brightside I just started a new tumblr for my abdl side and other stuff I like! Anybody else have an account???

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    My sympathies.. That shouldn't happen to anybody.

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    Thank you haha I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

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    Well, they could have been XL, in pull-ups. Depending on where you ordered from and the quantity, an exchange might be possible

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    If you order some in your size you could use them as boosters, just cut some slits in them, and probably cut the extra bits off so that its just the padding. I know how you feel though I have a pack of large depends up in my wardrobe that I accidentally bought.

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    Yeah I figured I would just order some new ones after this weekend and find something useful for these!

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    They are pretty damn small haha I managed to like cut the tabs off of another one to make the sides longer. The fits tight but it works! I would say they are about the same size as the smalls except for the tabs are meant for someone with a tiny tiny waist.

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