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    Hello there....*shy*

    Urmmm...I don't know what to say lol.

    My name is Faxroux. You can say it however you want. Fax-rox, Fa-roh, Fax-roh, whatever or you can just call me Fax.

    I'm a biological female but now that I'm an adult I identify as agender, panromantic lesbian. Urgh. Too many labels.

    I've been into regression for awhile, I can regress to anywhere from an infant to a ten year old. I also have "immature" habits while still being adult, like carrying a comfort toy everywhere and baby talk.

    I have um a lot of hobbies. I like animals so much. I like to draw, and I like to invent stories. I am currently producing my first video game, it will be an RPG type thing. I like to swim, watch tv, play games and hold plushies. I like to watch paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures especially.

    I like Fluttershy. She's my favorite character in almost anything because I relate to her.

    I don't like to exercise except swimming though because exercise hurts too much.

    Um I'm 20. I have some mental health issues I guess, namely major depression with psychosis, GAD, Social Anxiety with agoraphobic tendencies, PTSD and a NOS developmental disorder...they may have something to do with my regression, idk. Too many lol! I don't think about them that much though, to me I'm just living.

    Umm, hello I guess!

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    hey ya, Fah-rouh! That's at least, how I would speak it probably ^_^

    And good luck for your RPG! I guess, gaming related, you're mostly into this genre? What's your favorites, if I may ask?

    Animals are great! Do you also own one, perhaps? I've got a cat, name's Clyde, since 5 years. Though in my childhood me, or rather my grand-dad used to have a dog.
    So I don't mind that much, though I lack the time for taking care of a dog. And I love cats anyway ^_^

    To some degree, it's best not to think about some stuff... so like you're saying: First and foremost you're just living.
    But I really wish you good luck that you may get healthy, as soon as possible, so best wishes!

    And welcome to adisc!

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    Welcome to the forums, Faxroux.

    I am a brony myself (my favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle).

    I have dealt with major depressive disorder and anxiety, and such things can be difficult at times. Fortunately, my depression and anxiety don't bother me anymore due to my use of medication over the years.

    I am just getting into it, but I also enjoy swimming as well. In fact, I even have some Rainbow Dash swim trunks. People like us make swimming pools across the globe 20% cooler.

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    Welcome to the site. I'm a brony too and Fluttershy is one of my favorites also.

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