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    Hey! I am Cuddlyz, AKA Babysaurus, AKA Disastersaurus!!!

    I have been here a while, But mostly minding my own business I guess, So I will formally re-introduce my self, I guess im in the average folk gruop. 19, UNiversity student living in england, Which means the obvious, Gaming hobbies! Like heavy metal, classical, dubstep, trance, indie, classic rock and many more genras of music! If you want to know much more about me, Feel free to check my tumblr blog and my actuall website at the bottom! I guess i'm here to give any advice I possibly can, And to take advice in the times of need! If you ever need some one to talk to, rant to, our just moan too im always around Just message me! Maybe you can have my skype.

    I am the full package in terms of AB/DL, Recently moved out from home and live with friends while I study, Want to move to america to work for a big design company, Or who knows maybe start my own indie company. I Ageplay around 1-2, crawling stage. I refuse to walk, I love my onesies and my binky! And sausage rolls, sweet rolls and lots n lots of jelly tots ^^!

    Lots of huggles, cuddles and snuggles- Cuddlzy

    BabySaurus - Babysaurus

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    Hi Cuddlzy,

    You were probably here before me so it is not right to welcome you back.

    But hi anyway!


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