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    Default Hello!

    I'm new to ADISC and it's nice to be part of this community

    A not so brief history: I'm bedwetter & DL. The DL side comes since ever (2-3yo). I remember stealing some diapers of my cousins (yes, at that age! ^^ lol) and trying to putting me on. Many times I got caught, and my aunts and mom randomly checked if I was wearing diapers. With the passing of time and I growing up, access to diapers were just few. Then, at age of 14 I could finally buy my first package of GoodNites (green ones, in a 2x1 deal, only paying 55 MXN) and using them since that day. I also collect the PoP of GoodNites bag, except the fourth or fifth ones (because after that 4-5 bags I decided that will come more bags and I started to collect) Now I own 70.

    The other side of my bedwetting issue, I remember having lots of accidents between 4 to 10yo, being at 9 the highest peak. My parents didn't noticed my accidents, just only the big ones before going to school. I wasn't afraid of wetting the bed, I remember sometimes that my mom said: "Have you peed yourself?" and then taking me to the shower, being indifferent.

    At 12yo, accidents come back, and it was more easily to manage my accidents, one of then I remember is using a big pad made of several flannel clothes, above a transparent plastic and I sleeping only with a white t-shirt underwear, avoiding wet my underwear and pj pants.

    Before the age of 14, on a visit to the supermarket I went through the diaper section and noticed that on one side were GoodNites underpants, and I noticed that are made for older children and thought: "I need to buy them, I'll figure how to buy them". A month after 14, I went to pharmacy to buy some bottles of Gatorade, and at the bottom I see the bag of GoodNites. I've grabbed 2 and paid a small amount of money. That day was weird and insane, I drinked the 2 bottles of Gatorade (about 1.4 liters, it's a sunny, dry and hot city, 49.8C past july D: ) and that night I peed a lot, haha. Even my big bro noticed, but it wasn't a big issue, because I was wearing a GoodNites underpants. Since this day my big bro started the "pee" jokes.

    Now, I think that my DL "feeling" is passing away, but keeping the bedwetting accidents. Few moths ago I noticed that I was not the only one who likes wearing diapers, then realized the whole lot of people who likes too. Even I get noticed some people locally also likes diapes, for the fact of a small city.

    My last "big" accident, was two week ago. I've fall asleep at the living room and wet the sofa bed. My mom was on the PC and I told her that I wet the bed (that one and mine). Then we started a looong conversation of what happened, and she told me she used to wet the bed, so does my grandpa and one of my aunts. She also asked me why I didn't tell her and what I do to manage my accidents. Regarding of the past accidents where she noticed, she thinked that was ocassionally and related as something normal in the childhood, not linked as an hereditary issue.

    PS: Feel free to comment or ask anything. English isn't my first language, I've written on my own, online translators doesn't translate properly.

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    Hello Jossie and welcome to the group.

    That was a very interesting history. Would you like to tell us something about your interests and hobbies?

    Again welcome to the group.

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    I'm currently studying Computer Science, and I like listen rock/metal & electronic music.
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    Hello, and welcome to our group. I see you live in Mexico. Is it very hard-to-find adult diapers there?

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    You can find adult diapers here, but they suck. Entry level of Kimberly-Clark (Diapro) are very cheap (a pack of 10 cost about 5 USD), but you must look into national brands because they made higher quality. For example, Lambi is known by making very absorvent diapers. Affective is another national brand which makes high-performance baby diapers like BBtips, BioBaby and Kiddies being this last the best (based on a study made by Profeco*). I primarily use GoodNites we have the international package, I choose this because they are the best ones you can find here. There's also local wholesale vendors, that buys products directly from our national factories, listing their main products and then reselling to the general public.

    PS: I don't remember where I've read from an american that use to wear Affective diapers, stating that was an awesome brand for their low price and inviting to others give a try. He said that was living in El Paso, TX.

    PPS: BBtips this year have introduced the size XXXG (aka 7)

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    Hi Jossie and Welcome to ADISC !
    I'm from Mexico too ! I study software engineering

    Well, hope to talk with you someday

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    Really? which region you're living? It's nice seeing people from our country!

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    I live in northeastern mexico, yeah It's nice to see someone else from our country !

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