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Thread: Your advice on a good pull on?

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    Question Your advice on a good pull on?

    What is the thickest/most absorbent pull up diaper available in drug stores?
    (Anywhere from Walgreens/CVS to Tena/Attends. Unless Wal-Mart starts selling Abenas.)

    I'm having surgery that could put me through a rather messy recovery, so I'm asking you fine folks for the best affordable protection.

    I plan to wear adult diapers (briefs) at night in case of any stool leakage and on long trips where bathroom locations aren't known. I'm looking for a pull on diaper to wear just at home where I'm near a bathroom (but need containment just in case).And preferably a brand I can pick up in a drugstore (CVS, Walmart, etc) or basic home healthcare store (here, my options are usually Tena, Attends, and occasionally some Prevail and First Quality)

    I appreciate any and all opinions :-)

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    I would look at getting the smallest quanity you can find in the various brands and try them. Some stock what would be called a travel pack of around 5 pullups.
    I myself don't use pullups and the closest I came to them was the Depends Adjustables which were like a pullup with adjustble tapes. They also had tear away
    side panels so you could change them without removing clothes.

    BTW here's wishing you good luck on your surgery.

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    Pretty much they are the same quality, but that's not saying nothing. You would be better off getting something not sold in stores. I'm not sure what the protection will be from, if it's not urinary, you would need something with leak guards. Pull ons wouldn't be efficient.the crotch is far too narrow to keep anything in.

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    I'd say there isn't any good pull ups...

    I'd say just stick with tape ons...

    If you have no can slide off a tape on diaper easily and pull it back up...

    Yes, I have no hips at all...and yes my pants do slip down all the time and need pulling up...


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    I agree with Bigbabybret, I use tape ons and just wriggle them down and then wriggle them up again. You could try braces ? Old school but they work.

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    Okay :-) I might just use a good ol fashioned diaper ^-^

    Does using this advanced "wriggling" method allow oneself the ability to poo on the potty? (Provided I make it to a bathroom in time)
    Im trying to avoid accidents if at all possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoofWoof View Post
    Okay :-) I might just use a good ol fashioned diaper ^-^

    Does using this advanced "wriggling" method allow oneself the ability to poo on the potty? (Provided I make it to a bathroom in time)
    Im trying to avoid accidents if at all possible.
    Depends on you body style...

    If you have big hips, like my gf, once it's on it's on and it isn't coming off for anything...long story on that one...

    Anyhow, if your hips are not too big compared to your waist it's like gently sliding down your underwear...not quite as easy...

    And if you have a bit of powder it's even easier...

    So, if your hips are non existent that your gtg...

    Either way, your not going to want a pull up...they are garbage...

    I have a business aquatintence that had prostrate surgery and needed to wear after surgery for quite some time...

    Anyhow, I flew us to several places and he brought his diaper bag...non pull ups...

    They just don't make a good pull up for adults...


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    That settles it then :-) no pullups.

    Ive been told that leak guards are a necessity for fecal incontinence.
    Can yall confirm that? And can somebody name a few diapers that have this protection?
    I know Abenas and Bambinos do, but I can't be waddling around in those for 8 weeks. They're too expensive. Anyone know of any cheaper brands with leak guards?

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    Hi Woofwoof,
    I use tena pants and find them most absorbant for urinary incontinence, so not sure how they would be for anything else, although you should be fine, as i believe they are used for both urinary and fecal incontinence. I am new here, so wondered if I could add you to my contact list, as I only have two contacts at the moment.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
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