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Thread: Diapered 24/7 and Depression

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    Default Diapered 24/7 and Depression

    I have had a decent series of periods where I wear for at least a week at a time. During this time, I notice there is less anxiety and depression. When things get stressful, I just feel my diapered bottom and it often reduces the anxiety. Anyone else run into this?

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    a lot of AB/DLs use diapers and the feeling they get from them, as a coping method. I actually use to way back then.

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    I've noticed the same thing. When im having a bad time (like now in my life) I've been diapered 24/7 and I feel soooooo much better! So yeah, I think they're great for coping.

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    I feel far more relaxed diapered than I do when I am in the state mandated cotton undergarments for men. It is a paradox. I also feel nervous that I will get caught. I wish people would just let this go and let me wear what I want to wear. Life would be so much easier. I know, preaching to the choir.

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    I felt this way in 6th grade. Now I just wear them all the time and it doesn't make a difference. I just feel happier in them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    I felt this way in 6th grade. Now I just wear them all the time and it doesn't make a difference. I just feel happier in them.
    I'm the same way, diapers just make things seem simpler lol.

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    I've never really gone 24/7, but still feel this way when I wear. I think it's probably partially related to toilet training being the first real introduction to anxiety for me.

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    I wear my makeshift to bed almost every night, and it just feels so good.... it feels so natural. All cuddled up, padded, with my paci and plushies... it's like Nirvana.

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