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Thread: What would you do if you caught one of your parents walking around in a diaper?

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    Default What would you do if you caught one of your parents walking around in a diaper?

    I know we have all had fear of being caught in a diaper at one time or another, but how would your react if you walked in on one of your parents (or other family member like a brother/sister or even a close friend) wearing a diaper? And obviously this only pertains to the family members and friends that aren't incontinent. Would you open up about your own diaper desire or would you never speak of it?

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    If I saw my mum doing it, my reaction would be along the lines of "What the bloody hell are you doing?"

    If it was my step-dad, probably retching.

    If it was my sister, I'd laugh at her.

    And best friend? She's the one who got me into this fetish, so I guess "join in" is the answer. xD

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    I shudder at the idea of walking in on my parents doing it >_< though if I ever did I would probably react somewhere along the lines of this:

    0_0 "So THAT's were i got it from!! and you were giving me shit about it! >_<!"

    However, if i walked in on one of my cousins or one of my friends I would be starry eyed lol I would see it as a chance to relate with them on a closer level :3 though all my friends know about my abdl/little lifestyle, I would probably sooner run into them telling me "im like you now!" instead lol. Though with my cousins, they would probably feel so embarrassed (knowing my cousins as well as I do) and i would see it as a chance of being a supportive figure ^_^

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    I'd be REALLY REALLY REALLY shocked.

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    I would be in utter shock and disbelief cause they have voiced their displeasure with it before.

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    i would call the "Ghostbusters" as both of my parents are dead....
    (hope they don't slime me.. lol)

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    First I would ask if he/she was having bladder control problems. If not, then I'd probably blurt out I like diapers and say ''gimme one!"

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    Knowing my family?

    Probably laugh for a few minutes, question why I was wearing it and then shrug it off and let me do my thing.
    As long as its not something harmful that is.

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    I would be a bit surprised, given that to my knowledge, none of my friends or family are interested in wearing diapers.

    I wouldn't have any problem opening up to a friend about wearing diapers if I caught one of them wearing one, but it seems rather awkward to mention such a thing to my family for some odd reason. I would probably just try to shrug it off and not mention the incident if I saw a parent or family member walking around in a diaper while I was visiting them.

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    I'd be shocked if I caught anyone in my family diapered as none of them seem like they'd have any interest in this at all. After the shock wears off, I'd just shrug it off and move on with whatever I was doing. If it was a friend, I'd have the same shock, but I'd talk to them more about it afterwards and come out to them if they revealed themselves to be AB/DL.

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