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Thread: What would you do if you lived in a post-apocalyptic world?

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    Default What would you do if you lived in a post-apocalyptic world?

    So, imagine there's a some sort of disaster that kills most of the population of the earth. It could be a gigantic meteor, or perhaps global thermonuclear war. For the sake of this hypothetical situation, let's say it's something like a pandemic - so it kills people, but leaves the rest of the world undamaged.

    As dark as this situation sounds, there's a bright side. You're one of the very fortunate survivors, just a handful of people who managed to stay alive. Maybe through your expert survival skills, or your planning for any eventuality. Or maybe it's just blind luck.

    So, once society has collapsed around you, you're left to live amongst it's ruins. What would you do?

    Where would you go? Would you stay where you used to live, or find a new home in a different town? Or perhaps you would prefer to stay away from urban areas, and set up camp in the country? Maybe you wouldn't want to settle down at all, and would prefer to travel the world?

    Who would you be with?
    Would you realise survival is an individual game now that society no longer makes us look out for each other, or would you befriend a few other survivors in the hope of benefiting the collective whole? Would you take this even further, and try to build up a small community, hoping to retain what's left of the civilised world?

    How would you live?
    Does the life of a hunter-gatherer appeal to you, or would you prefer to farm crops and animals? Would you try and cling on to the resources society has left us for as long as possible, or would you accept the world has changed and fend for yourself?

    Most importantly, what would you do? Now there's no civilisation, there's no money either. And that means no job, so you're free to do what you want. Or course, you still have to get food, and water - but how would you spend you life after that? Would you settle down, try and make your life relatively comfortable and just live it out? Or would you try and rebuild society? Or perhaps there's some crazy goal you can now fulfil, without the rest of the world holding you back?

    I was gonna give my answers here, but it's late now and I need some time to think about it. Instead, I'll reply tomorrow and tell you what I'd do.

    (Yeah, I've been watching that "Survivors" programme on BBC)

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    As a person who's always lived in or near big cities, in a situation like this I'm pretty sure I'll be the mutant/zombie that the survivors are going to try to kill, or I'll just be vaporized.

    I've been playing Fallout 3 lately, and Fallout 2 is just about my favorite game of all time, so maybe in the post-apocalyptic world I'll play video games about pre-apocalyptic times.

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    I'd be sad.

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    It's called raiding stores. I'll also be like the only one going to XP Medical's warehouse. I don't think a lot of people will be going after the whole diaper thing and I can pretty much live in nearly any house.

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    I would do whatever I wanted of course steal, grow pot and other drugs, I would just make it up as I went along.

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    Prolly at first, make sure my explosive skill is above 25 so I can disarm the bomb and get a house then maybe help a shop owner get a guide to survival up and going. Then maybe I'll go over to an abandon hotel with enough money and take residence there and help with any undead situations they have going on.


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    Where I would go: I'd definitely want to settle down someplace, but traveling would be fun too. I'd probably stay close to where I once lived but near some other survivors too. If there were no other survivors where I lived, then I'd probably pack my bags and find somewhere else to live.

    Who would I be with: If my family survived with me, I'd probably stay with them. If they happened to unfortunately die, then I'd want to be near other survivors. I'm very shy, so I might not socialize with them well. I'd support any efforts to create and maintain a settlement though.

    How I would live: I would most likely take up some sort of craft. Not farming. Something that could be done indoors. Maybe building some things that could be useful to the other survivors. I don't know. I'd also try to help out with whatever I was needed for.

    What I would do: I think we'd need to establish a new government and society. I'd love to be part of a convention to decide the laws and how the new government will operate. Other than that, I'd try to make the new world as stable as possible.

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    I'd listen to Galaxy News Radio! (jk)

    Where would you go? Try to find a survivors camp, or make one if that failed.

    Who would I be with: People that survived.

    How I would live: Resort to basic abilities like hunting for food, etc.

    What I would do:
    Live without a government/leader, but a bureau compromised of everything that would handle all of the situations.

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    Where would I go? I'd probably go somewhere different, maybe somewhere in Europe (assuming there was some way to get there.) I'd like to live out in the wild probably. I'd catch and cook my own food probably.

    If I found anyone, I'd probably stick with them, assuming they weren't insane or anything. I'd also try to find other people.

    Also, I'd probably try to clean up messes as I went along. Like moving bodies and trying to dispose of them (assuming it isn't some infectious disease that killed everything.)

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    Footed P.J.


    Quote Originally Posted by Footed P.J. View Post
    Where I would go: I'd probably go down to the hospital next to me and take refuge, take over the restrooms, etc. Foodwise, I'd walk to the local supermarket and do the best I could, then try to hunt.
    Who would I be with: Alone!
    How I would live: I'd be in survival mode. Hunting, trying to farm a bit. Eating and drinking when I could.

    What I would do: Just meditate. Think. Try to achieve a new calmness and go about my weird life.

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