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Thread: Diaper Paysite That Uses The Alias "Changing Times"

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    Default Diaper Paysite That Uses The Alias "Changing Times"

    Does anyone have any idea which diaper paysite uses the alias "changing times" when they bill you? I have a monthly recurring payment that I can't cancel because I don't know the real name of the site. If anyone could help I'd really appreciate it.

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    as embarrassing as it may be, you may have to call your credit card company and see what type of info they can give you. All you really need to explain is that you signed up for something and don't remember what it is.

    worst case, you could always say that you were drunk and don't remember signing up for it.

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    It's not like they know you personally at the credit card company. Most issues are handled overseas. The only "Changing Times" that I know of is the cloth diaper company. You should call or they'll keep getting money from you.

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    Sometimes next to the charge will be a toll free phone number from the company. Look for that and give them a call! ???
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    Changing Times (the cloth diaper company) bills as "CTDC." But it couldn't hurt to check with them anyway.

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    Or you could just cancel the credit card it's billed to.

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    Thank you so much! DiaperGal was the one! You're a life saver

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