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Thread: Need to talk about my Sissyness

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    Default Need to talk about my Sissyness

    Hey there
    i find it hard to be a true sissy since i know im a sissy deep inside
    but its hard to tell people about who i truly am


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    Quote Originally Posted by Groundblast View Post
    Hey there
    i find it hard to be a true sissy since i know im a sissy deep inside
    but its hard to tell people about who i truly am

    You're in the right place, Even in public there are things I won't reveal to someone; such as my some of my musical tastes. I approach it as a matter of hard-learned tact. I'm not sure if there will ever come a time and place where we can announce these parts of ourselves openly but for now and here it's good to have the forum. Try not to stress too much on telling people who you are; some won't need to hear it, some wont want to hear it, and most people have no business judging others for it anyway

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    Hi Jonny,

    Welcome! It's nice to meet you. You're right; it is important to share our stories as sissies and LGs. This forum is a great place to do that. If you post your thoughts here, lots of awesome people will be able to respond. And I'd love to hear about you. So don't be shy, post away!

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    I just want to write stories about the experiences i want, and im starting one now....
    And i want to wear beautiful clothes in my real life too.... and to be cared for
    its my dream

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    Quote Originally Posted by Groundblast View Post
    well can i talk to you about it?
    I was a bit rushed for time earlier and didn't get to think it all out efficiently enough but I surely wanted to address it. You can absolutely talk to me, or anyone else here about this aspect of you; I'm just a small part of a willing and supportive audience.

    I totally understand about wanting to have the outward appearance of what I feel on the inside, and to have a loving Mommy for seeing to my needs. My interest is piqued in your story you're writing

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    the story? well its just i need to be motivated... and at the same time... i need some support from it.... i dont have many people or friends who support me

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    Having a bout of writers' block? Maybe start with the premise of how things are in the past and present, and via some 'golden ticket' - a Cinderella concept or Alice falling down the rabbit hole - things come to be the way you idealize them.

    As I was trying to elaborate on earlier; most of the people in real-life tend to be unsupportive or give false support; for whatever their own tenets they have a problem with people dressing up (even though they'll pay modest sums of money to watch others wearing borrowed clothes and speaking words someone else typed on a paper). In my own milieu I don't dare come out due to people who share my DNA being seriously misinformed and enmeshed in religious legalism, and being somewhat 'special needs' I rely on these people at the moment for a lot of being able to function to the degree that I can.
    TL.DR: Dressing up doesn't automatically make you gay if that's not your orientation in the first place, but some people you just can't convince

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    My story starts off with a average boy going into a store and getting an od object which is rumoured to alter reality

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