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Thread: My Diaper Dilemma

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    Question My Diaper Dilemma

    I am very limited on diapers right now. I am getting a shipment of diapers on the tenth at staples (I did the ship to store thing and its taking forever to ship ). But I can't wait that long and am thinking about picking up some diapers (tena slip or attends at my local pharmacy).

    Here's my problem I am a college student and I am home for summer break. I share a room and hide my diapers under my bed in a bag with a lock. My bag is small enough to only fit around 20 diapers. I don't want to have too many diapers on hand in which I will get caught.

    What would you do in a situation like this? Should I buy more diapers to satisfy my need or should I wait a week?


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    Break up the store-bought pack and tuck the loose diapers into spare clothes, or temporarily stuff some into an old beer carton. Duh, wear one, but mainly hiding them in stored clothes, unless your roomie is in the habit of wearing your stuff. 3 other words: tower computer case

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    If you've got another safe place to hide them, as MOPaddED has suggested, buying a pack should be fine. Otherwise, it's really better to wait a week. Only you know if there's a safe place you can trust. But id lean towards waiting, for safety's sake. And just think of how much more you'll appreciate your diapers when they finally do come in!

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    I would go and get a small package of diapers like 10 to 12 diapers and hide them in your bag under bed if only have few diapers left and you will use up those 10 to 12 diapers by your shipment of Diapers arrives so have nothing to worry about.

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