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    In the advent of my new "lurker" status I just thought I may as well introduce myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aunshi View Post
    In the advent of my new "lurker" status I just thought I may as well introduce myself
    Well stop luring and tell us more about yourself! What do you like to do besides being a dl and df? Music? Are you a gamer? Have you explored the site much and read the diaper reviews? Did you know we have separate sections for dls, dfs and bfs?

    Jump in on the fun and games and join the fun!

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    I'm an English university student, just finished my first year in Geography, my interests concern mostly nerd stuff such as Gaming, reading, Films and so forth. I have explored the site and have checked out all that is

    Cheers for the warm welcome!

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    From one English-Born to the next, welcome to the site. =D

    What sort of games are you interested in?

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    I have recently become an avid Jrpg player after discovering the Shin Megami Tensei series, my favorite of which is Persona 4. I play alot of older games varying in genre I love the
    Castlevania series, Another World, Beneath a Steel Sky and the Phantasy star's. My favorite game ever is Deus Ex which despite being flawed is remarkable in both its scope in what it
    tried to accomplish.

    I am currently thoroughly anticipating Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Once again cheers for the warm welcome!

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    Ahh, yes. Persona 4 has a knack for turning people into fans of JRPGs, excellent game. If you ever get a chance, I would also recommend SMT: Nocturne, especially if you enjoy a bit of a challenge.

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    Dude i'm playing it right now! i'm about to get to Asakusa

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    Agreed! hopefully they'll release SMT4 in Europe this summer, instead of 2025

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    I think I heard they were aiming for a 3rd quarter release over there. Sadly, since it wasn't an actual date, the odds of it getting delayed are much higher, but stay positive! I won't be able to play it due to my lack of a 3DS, but it's slowly gaining more and more games I'd buy.

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