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Thread: AB and tattoos

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    I have a tattoo, and I'll don't think i'll regret getting it anytime soon. Even tho babies don't have tattoes, we are grown ups, adults, with lives outside of ABDL. And so.. body decorations are to be expected.

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    I want to get a tattoo of a diapered animal singing through a mic with a musical note on his stomach. ^_^

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    I wouldn't get a tatoo of anything baby or diaper related, but a normal adult tatoo I see no problem with as an abdl and might get one in the future.

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    I always told my wife I wanted a tattoo oh my butt that says 'place diaper here'.

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    Back when I was young a tattoo was more of a rebel, I don't really see the point...

    I understand things like a milestone...or something...but if it's to stand out...don't get one...

    It's just my opinion...and no don't have any...


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    Quote Originally Posted by KittyMachine View Post
    is good convination?
    I think that depends on the tattoos, no? A swastika tattoo on your forehead probably doesn't work too well with a diaper. I'd probably pass on tattooing "LOVE" and "HATE" across my knuckles, too.

    But perhaps you could tattoo tears under your eyes and a dialog bubble containing "I want MAMA!" on your cheek. That would work, wouldn't it?

    Nah, probably not.

    Maybe just a diaper pin on each hip. And a bib on your chest.

    And a pacifier around your lips.

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    I have two tattoos One on my Ankle its a scorpion with my older sisters name above it then a lower back tat of a heart with Angle wings I have plans for a couple others I drawn up and just waiting for the funds to do so

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    Considering a tattoo is permanent, as well as visible to others, an AB tattoo isn't really a good choice.

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