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    Hi so I'm Brent (I prefer to be called B) and I just moved to charlotte NC with my beautiful fiancÚ. We are both 22 and just started this 'littles' thing, although I primarily identify myself as a daddy.
    I have always had a really weird passion for wanting to act young, do little kid stuff. But I thought it was wrong; VERY WRONG for MANY years. I thought I was going to end up liking little kids or some crap like that; so I buried my feelings for about 8 years. I recently told my fiancÚ about it and she absolutely loves it, couldn't be happier!!
    She loves pacifiers and 'little' clothes and playtime etc etc...
    But somehow I ended up liking taking the daddy role. Soon I'd like to explore my little side that's been lurking for what seems to be forever!

    I'm 22, I love and have owned almost every sportbike on the market (Ducati,GSXR, CBR etc etc...) I like Xbox, a fine semi dry wine, and a good run in the sun.
    If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! I'm not shy at all!

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    Welcome aboard! Glad to hear you're enjoying your daddy role, but don't be afraid to explore your little side as well. We have multiple members here who switch roles.

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    Hi B

    Just a short reply welcoming you to the community. Hope you have lots of fun while you are here. See you around the site.


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