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Thread: Warning: Celestial Teapot my cause controversy!

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    Exclamation Warning: Celestial Teapot my cause controversy!

    who is up for a theology discussion, I will start...
    I questioned my faith and basically lost all my faith in it... My arguements against it seemed so much more rational. I now think there is the same chance god exists that there is an impossible to see teapot orbiting around the sun somewhere between earth and mars. (I have come a looooong way over years to get to this point, I didn't just choose to not beleive in god to be lazy, I still attend church events, acolyte and am heavily involved in my youth group for the expiriences it can offer+ people I like to discuss with) Russell's Teapot is the theory I am refering to. Call me crazy! But first explain your faith and your ideas/thoughts/justifications whatever! I hope some people have some strong opinions/beleifs to share!!

    I am sure there are some serious thinkers in this community, bring on the discussion!!!

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    I think it's rather pointless to think out theology like that.
    I mean, reason. What is it, in the face of Everything that could have created you? How do you know that reason that everyone says they have could just be completely off the grid?

    I believe that we created ourselves. That we exist on a Higher Plane, we created the "physical" plane (i.e. the universe), and we incarnated ourselves into it. I think that some of us/them were the architects that designed it, the engineers that made it, et cetera. I don't believe in an Afterlife that we become some perfect emotionless soul, I believe when we die we simply go back to the Higher Planes.

    ... On a side note, I side with the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

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    Church is like a gang. They love it when you go around and preach to others and show your pride........whilst also like to go after others who are not of their persuasion.

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    Personaly I'm Christian and I believe there is a god. I also believe in evolution. for me science doesn't explain everything and there is some stuff that it never will explain. Like our ability to think. A capablity which scientists have yet explain, despite rather exstensive studies into the matter.Some in the past have told me that if you believe in both God and evolution then in some way you must always be in contradiction to your self. But there is a saying by which I live my life "God or religion explains the why and science or evolution exlains the how." Life with out either has no meaning to me so here I stand.

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    Music you're failing to see the fundamental part of religion. It's based off of religion and not rationality which is making it struggle in current day and age. I believe in God because i know even with my scientific (objective) thought process, that there must be some omni-potent being out there... and if there isn't than we're just a tiny, miniscule probability... meaning that that tiny miniscule probability of us being created is the same probability that there is no higher power, no creator(s) etc. I hope you understand what i'm trying to say.

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    Personally, I believe that there is a God.

    Being of the Jewish faith, the afterlife is not a great concern (Do good things, you go somewhere good. Do bad things, you go somewhere bad. Class dismissed.)

    But my own experiences have convinced me that there is no benevolent God, nor is there a malevolent God. God is a being that, at some point in his (for lack of a better pronoun) existence, grew bored with the void and created a universe which he could observe, alter, and otherwise utterly control. We were all created as pure entertainment. The events of our lives are entertaining, or they do not take place. Miracles occur out of boredom, as do natural disasters.

    What is good or bad does not matter. What is right or wrong does not matter. What only matters is that God is entertained, and that is how he decides the course of our lives.

    God is a sadist who only cares about his own entertainment in this Sims-like universe of his.

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    I think its more likely that one being who has "always existed" <--- (more on that later) crated everything rather then a bunch of matter exploding and us getting lucky to even be here as the human race. Really go look outside all around you and ask if everything is like this by mere chance alone.

    Also no I don't know how the hell something always exist just like no scientist can explain where matter came from. No matter what way your view is from no one can answer how the universe start (before the big bang). There is a theory that the universe expands then shrinks and the big bang happens again and again and again. But in that case where did the first big bang come from, where did all the matter come from?

    The same thing can be said with god of course but in the bible I think it mentions " I always been" as in I always been here and will remain forever. Anyway's this is pretty deep shit and of course we would all like to know if we are right or not. Sadly the only way we know is when we die. (That's why I do not wish to live forever.Not to mention that gets boring I bet and rather lonely.)

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    i'm not big on religion, and i'm not sure i believe in god, but i do have my own ideas which simplify the tough question.

    In every religion, no matter what it it, in the end they're the same. be a good person, and you will go to heven. now the only question is "what is a good person?" I believe that there isn't one answer to that, the the answer lies within the individual. if you look back on your life, no matter how short it is, and you can truly believe that you were a good person with no doubt in your mind, than you deserve to go to heaven. even if there isn't a heaven, that should be a person's final goal for life. to be able to look back and smile, knowing that you were the best you could be.

    the only flaw i see in that is the mentaly insane and serial killers who have justified their own wrongs to where they believe it's right. but i have no experiance in that matter, so i can't think of any fair way to judge them.

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    Live your life, not one that someone else has written in doctrine.

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