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Thread: what is babyfur or diaperfur?

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    Default what is babyfur or diaperfur?

    Lol...i feel silly but I've never heard of it.

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    It is where people like to dress up as "furries" along with diapers. People wear tails and full body costumes. I have never tried but I would imagine it could be quite fun. By no means am I an expert so someone feel free to correct me...

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    Since I'm short for time I'll leave this link here and if you still have questions I will he happy to answer them

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    Please note that this article is incomplete!
    It provides no insight into our secret World-Conquering-Masterplan and contains absolutely no information about the well-known bestseller „How to cook (for) a furry“.
    And let me tell you this:
    In the end, everything you think to know about furries is irrelevant, as youŽll have to become one yourself in order to fully understand our superiority and awesomeness... so... why not give it a try?...
    IŽm sure youŽd like it.

    Just... close your eyes for a moment...

    sinister laugh

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    Being a furry is lots of fun, even more fun when I am in fursuit. Most of us act silly, but i love to let my inner self out and be a wild kitty (at furcons mostly) Wearing a diaper and being a kitten is fun too in the right place. (among fellow diaperfurs) etc, or with furiends that accept that kind of thing or who are of a similar ilk.

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    Being a furry is what I live for. I went to my first con this year and I am already making my second, yes SECOND fursuit. If you thought wearing diapers is fun, try it in a fursuit! Most cons will have a secret "cub room", usually hosted by a fellow babyfur/diaperfur, but the trick is finding it. I'm pretty lucky as I have several furry friends who live less than 5 minutes from me and one is a fellow Babyfur that I hang out with quite regularly.

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    I had no idea what a babyfur or diaperfur was until clicking on that link, and I had little knowledge of what a furry is either. I didn't even know there was such thing as a fursona. I have to admit, I might be interested in trying out being a diaperfur sometime.

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    There's some interesting variations on here I hadn't thought of these.

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    Do you wear a diaper outside the suit? Does your fursona look like a baby?

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