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    Hey, I know many of you have the problem of been attacked sexual by pervy people so I have created a new website for age regression that removed the sexual side of things, I would love to invite people to become a member I been working on it for along time now and its still very basic but I am a one man team and all the work was done by me no pre-made software, I hope you enjoy the site.

    The site is, The Child In Me - index

    At the moment you have to go view all the discussions as there is no new discussion function at the moment but once you comment in a discussion you will be told via the Notification centre I am working hard on the site and also working on a new things all the time for it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I forgot if your a member you wont be able to sign up they block our emails for no good reason, I have read they do this to many sites that are on shared hosts so please use google or I hear FM is also a good one sorry about that.

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    We also have a facebook page about any updates, the website is private you must be a member to view any of the site this helps keep members safe and content safe, anyone can join up and join in.

    Our facebook page is :
    and website url is in the post before

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    Would you like any help with coding?

    also i have a small dedicated server out of texas if you find that shared hosts just dont work

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