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    This game is brilliant. I haven't been this excited over playing a game since the original Portal. The gameplay is really smooth and simple, the narration/story is great and the music is amazing.

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    You've got me excited now, That's one of the games included in the current humblebundle.

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    I completed the game a few days after it came out, and I can only recommend it to everyone here! It's a physics-based indie game (yes, yet another one), but it manages to humanize the blocks you are playing as through really simple but effective techniques. I never imagined I could feel so much sadness, happiness and anger for a block, haha.

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    I finally beat all the levels and the 3rd act of the game was lacking I think in terms of story/plot.
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    Have to say it certainly was a delightful little game with its own neat little experience. Kind of funny to see how much you can understand and know the characters after so little time when other games and media seem to have such a hard time doing so now. However, as Fire2box had mentioned the game does rather drag on in the third act. It feels a lot like doing the same sort of song and dance near the end just to see how it resolves, which feels like a bit of a letdown. Still, this is a great little game and worth the rather cheap price I'd say.

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