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Thread: are the majority of DLs male or female?

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    Default are the majority of DLs male or female?

    I'm a girl. But I feel like the majority of diaper lovers are male. Why do you think that is? Just kind of wondering...

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    I say its pretty close to equal with guys being just a bit higher. To me i just find guys are more out spoken about it then girls. I have only met 2-3 girls that are DLs in person compared to a number of guys.

    But from what i seen, girls are into it just as much and if not more then most guys.

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    I may be a girl but i agree that there are more male DLs. Men like showing their feelings unlike us girls. We coop our feelings and fetishes inside us, and splash them out on paper. So I would say that there is 60% male DLs and 40% female DLs in the world (just a guess lol)!

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    There certainly seems to be a lot more girls opening up about it now than there used to be when I first started out in the community. Until recently I was pretty convinced that the balance was more 90/10 male but coming back now I think it is a lot closer than I ever thought it was or could of been at the time. Still thinking the majority are male though.

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    i think it ties in with male sexuality and the male as the deviation from the 'norm' (we all start out in a feminine form).
    going beyond Freud's idea, i place the male sexuality in a biological state of trying to reclaim what was lost; this would explain male desire for the female form and the intrinsic deviance sets the precedence for futher, and further acomplicating deviance.

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    I can't be certain there are more males. This is simply because us ladies tend to be more private about things, and might just not flaunt all our personal quirks out there. (:

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    Its not that there are more males but that males are more willing to come out were as women arent. Also it bears to mention that the term male is subjective seeing as there are lots of males who feel like they don't identify as male, and i dont think they would be comfortable being categorized with the gender they dont belong to (not saying thats what you're doing, just some food for thought) but honestly, maybe on this site it may appear that the dominant gender is male, but im on another website and it seems to be predominantly ruled by female abdls/littles. So much so that the title Babygirl is an available option on the profile page and babyboy isnt.

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    Unfortunately, if not for the membership profile of places like ADISC, we'd really have nothing to go on when it comes to answering a question like this. I don't think there can be any doubt that ADISC's membership is overwhelmingly male, so while I do hesitate to infer from this that AB/DL-ism is a male-dominated thing, I think that a claim to the contrary is a claim without any observable basis whatsoever.

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    I've noticed in the past 6 months more females are coming out on this site. I don't know how much longer it will last though. I also noticed that we hear very little from women
    over 40 and beyond. It will be intersesting to see how this trend continues into the future.

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    Like everyone else, I thought at first that AB/DLs were mostly male since a majority of the people on ADISC are male, but I've been seeing more and more females coming up, so we'll see how the ratio changes within the next few years.

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