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Thread: First Semester Almost Finished

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    Almost finished with my first semester of college and let me say, i have been at school since the second week of August and it just hit me a few weeks ago that I was in college. It has been a blast and I have enjoyed everything so far.

    Also, as I was cleaning up my room for winter break, I found some really old wal-mart pull ups that I had stuck in a box at the top of my closet. I have now cut those up and are going to make a huge diaper and make sure to get lots of water into my room before I do anything. I am thinking since this friday is the sleep in diapers friday I can get away with it almost. I will have to figure out a way to use my meal plans and eat....still in the planning stages as I can say...

    Well hope everybody in college has had a great fall semester if you are on the two semester schedule or 2 great quarters if you are on the quarter system.

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    I'm on my 6th year of college, but yeah it's still cool . Especially now that I live off campus in my own apartment and have a car. That helps.

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    6 years of college? I'm totally jealous.

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