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    Hi Guys,

    I have been an AB for a few years now, however i dont feel asif i fit in anymore!

    which of course for an anyone is vital, All i want is to be the cutest i can be for the people who love me, but i just cant shut off the outside world enough to do it

    does anyone have any advice for me, i love being cute n cuddly but when it comes to actually being that in rl i worry too much about what people think...

    Any advice would be greatly and appreciatively (hope i spelt it right) recieved.

    All the best,

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    Huh? It's hard to be cute? ;) What is being "cute" for you in the first place?
    I know there is a basic definition that goes for everyone, but especially regarding *bdl stuff, which is to a big degree behaviour related... this varies a lot from person to person, in what they actually mean by this. And of course this or that may be too much for one, but too less for the other. So a little bit more information wouldn't be that bad.

    Anyway... when it comes to shutting yourself up from the world outside, i.e. what people may think...
    At first, how dumb it may sound: You need to let go.... Stop thinking, just do what you want to do at that moment. Over time, if this is what you want... so that you're doing what you really want... you will care less, if it makes you happy. In the end you cannot force this, it simply happens at some point.

    But just to name it, I hope you don't mean that you're actually in public, so seeing this as "thinking what people around me, which I don't know, may think about me". In this case, I'd really advice you to be this way in private. Otherwise you'll only suffer and most people cannot handle this, especially if they're not really close to you. And even this is kinda hard, as you may know ;).
    Although this goes for a typical *bdl behaviour, if it's just trying to be cute.... well it's choice, nothing wrong about it in the end, though it may seem silly, a little bit.

    But I guess ultimately, you surely just mean something like, "what people would think about you, if they knew?"
    Don't care too much... it's your private hobby. You have no clue what other people might do in private and you're not hurting anyone... you're just having fun.

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    Well, what you are really asking for pretty much is acceptance from someone else who participates in your fetish. You have to find people that doesn't mind this kind of stuff. Most people confuse us and its not some instant result that you are going to find. Unless you find someone that's already interested you'll most likely be looking for a straw in a needle stack. The first thing to do is to talk to people like you or share interests some what. That's what the internet is for. They have some meet ups for people like us and sometimes people when enough trust is between the two parties, friends are made. Most of us will never meet each other here, it's a pretty big world. It's not like you would jump into anyone's arms, nor would the person be there to catch you until some type of relationship is established.

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    Hi daLira,

    Thank you for your kind advice, it is all just private i dont parade it in public! (too shy for that :P)

    But it is with people who act as my family, who have taken me in as part of their family.

    I know i want to act, i know they won't judge. They want me to be me, but i just cant get over the fact that people will judge me, even if it is just me and them in a room.

    I hope this little info has helped, i know it probably hasnt haha but thank you very much for the advice.

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