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Thread: Hi to all I am a older DL

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    Smile Hi to all I am a older DL

    I am new to ADISC but not the AB/DL community.
    In fact I was a DL before I knew what one was.
    Some facts I will give you up front...
    I am a bio male, but I feel both male and female.
    I also have some elements of an AB...
    Meaning, if I ever Role/Age play, I take on the personality of a child.
    I would say I am either an older Toddler or even Preschooler.
    Also, I will participate in potty training, but don't expect me to learn much.
    I've become safe and secure. Basically I am "Happy in a Nappy!"
    And I am willing to be teased by peers before giving them up.
    On here I'd like to meet others, network and possibly make new friends.
    I'm usually not playing any other age other than my bio age.
    Also, even though I'm two sexes and I will sometimes mix &/or split genders,
    I usually relate best with my bio gender of male as it was what I grew up as.
    But, I am NOT looking for a Mommy, Daddy or a Relationship.
    I hope to learn from many of you already here.
    As well as hope I can share something new and useful as a "newbie"
    I'm not use to being new to most groups.
    I've been online since the Byte-mine and DPF days.
    There were years that I thought I was odd and alone.
    Especially growing up as a bed wetter with no protection.
    I am glad to be part of the group and hope we enjoy each others company

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you meet friends and enjoy it here. Everyone is nice and supportive here. Its nice that you are so comfortable with your ABDL side as most people arent so comfortable with it.

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