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Thread: Perhaps the start of a furry world?

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    Default Perhaps the start of a furry world?

    Saw an article about dog beards on the morning news show and decided to investigate the trend. Might be the start of acceptance?

    dog beards - Google Search

    dog beards - Google Search

    The second one is actually cat beards
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    Yeah, I see this as just a funny thing people are doing. Has NOTHING to do with furries.

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    Not everything that has to do with a drawn animal is furry, even if the animal is anthropomorphic or possesses human qualities. Otherwise, every single children's show we watched was just the artist's expression of his furry ways, but I'm going to go ahead and tell you that Carebears is not furry.

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    My apologies to you or anyone else who might be offended. My thinking was that if people will fool around with animals and their faces then maybe more animal costumes will be coming out.

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