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Thread: Nintendo could use some maturing

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    Default Nintendo could use some maturing

    So recently the thought that came to my mind was when I was working on progress on Mario Party 9. That Nintendo is kinda becoming a company trying to appeal to 5-10 year old's. With Call Of Duty, Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto gaining momentum in the game market, Nintendo is going to have to up their game if they are to remain competitive. Super Smash Bros Brawl was a good start with the graphics. In Donkey Kong Country Returns, I could tell this was in the same boat as Mario Party 9.

    You had some characters that didn't have much of a intimidating look to them, as well as some of the course names. I know its aimed for a family audience but come on, we need more family-oriented games that didn't make us feel like we were in preschool. Nintendo, you could use some maturing.

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    Nintendo targets the younger audience and the casual gamer/party gamer audience. Its a system to buy your kid or break out when you've got a bunch of pseudo-drunk people at your place. They've been doing that for a while and they do pretty damn well at it...

    PS3 and xbox already have the mature(ish) gaming audience covered, not to mention PC gaming. Additionally Nintendo would have to up their hardware to handle some of the meatier titles, which would price them out of their current market.

    Why would it make any sense for them to dump their large and loyal audience where they are pretty much the only one satisfying the "I want something cheap that can do party games/can buy for my son" need and attempt to compete with 3 already well established competitors..

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    Nintendo has always targeted the younger set. It's just that when they started it was only the younger set that was playing video games. Even back in the NES days Nintendo of America did a lot of censoring of PG-13 content from Japanese games. Heck, when they brought the first four Dragon Quest/Warrior games over, they removed all of the churches and made them Houses of Healing. They removed the mild cursing, changed the dead characters from coffins to ghosts, and made other changes to sanitize them.

    Nintendo's been around the longest of the big three console companies, at least in the console game market. The thing is, Nintendo had a firm business model of catering to children by the time Sony and Microsoft took to the field. The others were able to make a fresh assessment of the market and cater to it. Nintendo had a business model, and they've stuck to that business model even in the face of the gamer cohort getting older and more mature.

    I mean, if Nintendo is making money and their shareholders and consumers are happy, then great, good for them. Perhaps Nintendo has carved itself a niche in the market that is being ignored by Sony/MS and making them respectable money.

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    While I will admit that Nintendo should make some more mature exclusive content, I think the stuff we got some mature enough games on the 3DS. Looking at a few recent 3DS titles, I can safely say that we got some games that were both challenging and entertaining for older audiences, and most were exclusive like Monster Hunter 3G and Fire Emblem Awakening.

    But I think the reason the Nintendo console games have gotten some more family friendly and mostly party games is because of the motion control gimmick. That kind of gimmick is like a light to 3rd and some 2nd party developers to push their games. It's not just Nintendo who suffers from this, either. Most XBox Kinect games and the PS3's Move focuses on more of a younger audience than mature. This isn't to say there can't be good games which use motion control, but a gimmick will always appeal to those who like gimmicks which are the younger players and casual gamers.

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    Nintendo has tried their fair share of "Mature" games, a few for the N64 were: Conkers bad fur day and the Turok series. It just depends upon where you look. Mario and those types of games were designed to be the way they are, a whole new vibrant world that you can immerse yourself in for hours and have fun with your buddies on a rainy day, yet it's still appropriate for younger viewers.

    I personally like the games offered by nintendo, and hate most games in the same stream as Call of Duty etc. I think that nintendo games are actually a more mature idea than most games like CoD due to the fact that CoD is all about explosions and shooting things i.e Bright lights and movement... I know that could create some strife with a few people, but I just can't get into it (except for zombies, that was a nice touch). I also prefer nintendo for the handheld consoles; There are some great titles being released and on the horizon for the 3DS.

    In short, I never want nintendo to change. I like all of the titles from when I was a kid. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, the entire pokemon series of games, bomberman, super mario, those are all great games that don't need to change anything.


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    No they don't. Nintendo will always be the biggest video game company to exist, and that's a fact. Nintendo is extremely full of innovation and the people who buy Nintendo consoles buy them for the games that are unlike Call of Duty or any other brown and bloom shooter that every 13 year old plays. If Nintendo was to mature, going the way of shooters is not the way to do it. I think deep story telling is a great way to show maturity - you do not need blood and violence to have a mature video game, and anyone who thinks that way deserves a swift slap on the face. Nintendo has plenty of mature video games that are not rated M. Fire Emblem: Awakening is one of those examples. 999 is another example of an extremely mature video game put on a Nintendo console. Maybe it's not developed by Nintendo specifically, but that's not really the point here.

    People love Mario games of all types, as well as the Kirby games, specifically for their goofy art styles and their humor, as well as the game play, and if Nintendo altered the games that got them fame in the first place, then they'd go the way of Micro$oft. They'd crash and burn very quickly.

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    Video games were originally intended for kids, they are "GAMES" afterall. Today's "hardcore" older gamers are merely the kids who grew up in the 80s and 90s with Nintendo and Sega.

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    Yeah, while there are a handful of exceptions, Nintendo aims for the kids markets. Look at when the wii came out. All family games with no effort on graphics. Sony and Microsoft aim for a more mature clientele. It's sad to see but I doubt it'll change for the foreseeable future.

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    I'll still buy the games, but I'll feel a little embarrassed to play them in front of family or friends. I've been playing Nintendo games since 1996, the first game being Super Mario 64. For the N64 and Gamecube models, there were some titles with the Teen badge on the front. On the Wii, not so much except for maybe COD Black Ops and a couple others. I love Mario games and will continue to support that franchise (after all I believe Mario or Mr. Nintendo the reason Nintendo is still afloat). Last Xmas, I got Kirby''s 30th Anniversary Collection and Mario Party 9 for gifts. To make it short and sweet Mario Party 9 halfway disappointed me and halfway entertained me.

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