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    Default Hi everybody!

    Hey, nice to find this place. I'm a university student, studying cellular/molecular biology (undergrad). So if you want to talk about kinases, proteins, genetics, or any other dorky science stuff - I'm your guy.

    I'm really pretty introverted, so I probably won't post a lot. I work full time too, so I'm glad that I have summers off from school.

    I'm here because I rediscovered pullups (well, Goodnites and Underjams really). I wore them in late middle and early high school. I think why I returned to them is a long story - but involves my boyfriend moving overseas and me really wanting to lose a lot of weight and get really small ... sorry that sounds weird

    I like heavy metal in various forms - thrash, death metal, grunge, some punk. This summer, in between terms, I'm teaching myself to use the Unix/Linux command line, and also trying to learn to program in JavaScript so I can eventually make some HTML5 games for fun. I hope to apply to grad school once I'm done with undergrad, which should be next year. I'd like to go into public health - specifically epidemiology, which is helping to find the causes and effects of diseases throughout populations, not just individuals - so stuff like obesity, diabetes, but also swine flu and HIV.

    I'd like to find some support on this site. My boyfriend doesn't know that I've worn the occasional Goodnites pullup - he would probably freak. I'd like to find out what brought others here. I'd guess that for some people, wearing diapers could be a way of giving up control, but I think for me it's a way of getting more control (or comfort?) in my life somehow. Anyway, I look forward to reading your stories and maybe getting to know some of y'all online.

    If you ever want to talk about biology/science stuff, I love learning new things and teaching what I know, or at least how to find answers. I'd love any tips of web development too, or if anyone wants to talk about exercise, cooking, or metal - I'm game for whatever.

    Thanks for reading.

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    It sounds like you have an interesting career ahead of you. I wish I had my future futher figured out myself.

    How do you like Unix/Linux so far? I have had an intrest in linux for some time and switched to using Ubuntu as my primary desktop OS not too long ago. By the way what is your favorite distro? I am certainly not the best, but if you ever have an questions regarding Linux or programming feel free to ask me if you would like and I *might* be able to help. Sometimes just another brain is all you need to get out of a sticky programming problem.

    Anyways I am an even newer member than you, but greetings none the less.

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    Hello KenoticHypnotic and welcome to the group.

    This was a very nice and interesting introduction. I never did go for any upper level studies, but I did do Biomedical research for 19+ years. I to enjoy getting into a good scientific discussion. I also see that you like cooking. We have a "foodies group" that was started about a month ago, and I invite you to come join the fun and recipe sharing.

    Again welome.

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