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Thread: Conversation with a 2 year old (too good not to share)

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    Default Conversation with a 2 year old (too good not to share)

    I stumbled across this video just now, I thought it was far too good not to share with the ADISC community.

    A guy re-enacts a conversation with his two year old daughter but with another fully grown man playing the role of the daughter.

    Convos With My 2 Year Old - EPISODE 1 - YouTube!


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    Ha ha ha! That's funny! I hope they do some more! I love the way he says, "No. She's not your wife; she's the princess".

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    „... I-Im the princess right now...“
    „... See?“

    Hilarious ^^

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    It's always cute for small children to talk that way to grown ups but if an older child did it or an adult, they would get scolded for it and no one would find it cute.

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