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    Smile Hey Everyone

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a real ABDL girl that is representing Bambino Diapers. I will be on here to answer any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, etc. as well as provide products updates, news, and more. I am here to help and listen to each and every one of you. Bambino Diapers is committed to having the absolute best diaper on the market for ABDL's. I am going to be the frontline to providing updated information as well as taking suggestions and feedback as well as answering any questions anyone may have. I look forward to talking with everyone on here.

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    Hi! Welcome to our community! I hope to see you posting around!

    I do have a couple of questions for you....

    first, are you actually an employee of the bambino company, and if so are you just pretending to be a ab/dl? (cause it could be a marketing ploy, and you do not have to pretend to be an ab/dl just to join on here and be friends).

    Second, is it true bambino is in the process of developing a pull up?

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    If you are a representative of Bambino, I suggest you look at the threads regarding other diapers and see what they are doing wrong so as to improve your current product and develop new products. For example, many here like the feel of the Pampers Underjams, but they are sized too small. The Goodnites performance is good, but again, sizing is an issue. I personally find that the Tena/Serenity Underwear fit really nicely and perform well, but have no raised leg gathers for additional protection/containment.

    Welcome to the forum and please post often!

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    Welcome, it's nice to have you here. It's really cool that you want to hear from customers. I do have to caution you to not come across as overly spammy, e.g. don't just post in topics that give you a chance to promote Bambinos. We do tend to ban people for that - in fact, I believe that a past representative from a different diaper company was neg-repped and subsequently banned for just that. What I'd suggest is making one thread under Diaper Talk where people can ask questions and make suggestions about the Bambino. You are representing your company professionally here, so just keep that in mind.

    BTW, I've chatted with Leigh a couple times - I was offered the chance to do some website work for you guys but it didn't work out. You guys might know me though

    Be sure to contribute to other discussion as well, and our wiki page for the Classico could use some help so if you contributed there we'd really be indebted to you.

    Edit: Charlie: If you're doing the BG check on this member, I have an official e-mail address from Bambino that I can give you to verify. Bambinodiaper, if you've registered using a personal e-mail address I would recommend PMing Charlie_F to let him know. I've talked to at least one other member that has questioned your legitimacy, which is of course to be expected (people just want to know that you are who you claim to be).


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    Welcome To Site ...I seen you before because you added me on diaperspace

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    Hello there!

    I have one question to you: If you're actually a representative of the company, how come that
    (1) You don't live in California (despite what your profile say) but in North Carolina?
    (2) You share the same IP as the user Adriansurley?

    If you're actually a representative of the company, why not sign on with a company email address, i.e. [email protected]?


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