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    I have come up with a invention today that could help ensure safety in a vehicle for our four legged friends. Its called the Pet Protection Restraint System or PPRS for short. It is alike a seat belt for humans but is padded to ensure there is no discomfort for the dog. It would be designed to protect dogs from flying forward during a crash, whether frontal or side. At the rate of speed humans are pushed forward during impact, a dog could suffer trauma or other injuries by flying forward into the back of the seat or if in a truck, toward the airbag.

    These mainly would concern bigger dogs that cannot comfortably fit in a car seat on the market. Such dogs being Burmese Mountain Dogs, Great Danes, Kuvases, Pyraneses, Huskies and other large dogs. The belt would mainly go over the dogs chest, not coming close to the durlap and allowing the dog to move his/her head without discomfort. Belts would not come with the vehicle, but would have to be ordered from the manufacturer of your vehicle and installed at your dealer.

    Hopefully I could get some tests done using a canine dummy in a frontal crash test, the first without the restraint and the second with the restraint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KuwabaraKuwabara View Post

    They already exist, bro.

    Not that you couldn't improve on it's design, though.
    I'm glad to see they've been made, but I wonder why it hasn't been made into a federal regulation though. And I'm not sure there's much more improving to do, unless making airbag encounters less fatal for them.

    Would like to see some crash tests performed though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balto91 View Post
    I'm glad to see they've been made, but I wonder why it hasn't been made into a federal regulation though.
    It's not really that big of an issue for most people. Quite frankly, there are far, far more important things for the Federal government to be doing with it's time/money.

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    It looks like there were real dogs being used in those tests, where are the dummies? I would like to see some tests done for like convertibles or trucks.

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