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Thread: Little Ollie should not be allowed to cook

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    Little ollie

    Default Little Ollie should not be allowed to cook

    I should not be allowed to cook as I just set my grill on an fire trying to cook bacon, lets just say there was enough flames to blacken the cooker.


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    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Maybe next time you'll burn down your house!

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    well, y'know , bacon has a lot of fat in it, and grills usually have open flames

    open flame + liquid hot fat = fiah! :punk:

    I know this because on a camping trip, I cooked bacon on a stick, over the fire, and I had to move it alot to keep it from being blackened bacon.

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    Lol, everyone does it sometime or other, I just hope it doesn't happen here; the apartment I live in has a fire system inter-connected to all the others in this building, so if one sounds, they all do, and people *never* burn food at a convenient time :-( >.<

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