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Thread: Anyone hear of this diaper?

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    Default Anyone hear of this diaper?

    Anyone know anything about Fater Lines Pannolini in size 19-35kg? Its an Italian diaper.

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    I have seen pictures on ebay
    their supposed to be for older children who have day or night time wetting problems

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    I remember seeing extra large diapers for older kids in Toys are Us and Treasury drug stores in either the late 8o's or early 90's. McCrory, McClellan and Green stores (included Britt's department stores) sold Extra Large Super Size plastic pants that were really big. I bought them when I weighed 135lbs and they fit me and had extra room to grow in.

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    do you have more info on those diapers sold at toys r us and treasurey drug stores? have any pics of them?

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    The Toy's R Us and Treasury Drug store diapers seemed to be the same diaper, just a different package. If my memory is correct, the weight range was up to 65 lbs, and the package had a picture of what was probably a 6 to 8 year old boy on the front. I think this might have been in the February/March 1987 as I think I was on leave enroute to FT Drum, NY at the time.

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